Yoni Massage for Women

Yoni Massage in Madrid

Yoni Massage is a unique tantric experience that you deserve to have with us in Madrid.


Aimed at women, its purpose is not the orgasm, as in Tantra in general.  But it is not something to underestimate during the massage.


In case it is produced during the massage, the orgasm will be more intense and enjoyable than usual.


The goal of this massage is to offer pleasure to your partner and get closer to him or her. It is an extraordinary experience and completely indicated to improve the sex lives of many couples.


For Yoni massage to be completely satisfying, it is essential that both participants relax body and mind.  To let go of prejudice.


The person giving the massage must be fullyaware that there will be no reward other than the pleasure itself of giving a massage to another person.


This new perspective opens your mind on a new type of sexuality, unknown to Western minds.


In order to perform a genital massage it is important to create a proper atmosphere of total relaxation.  A place where both people feel comfortable.


It is a massage that requires time.  You cannot rush, and you need time so that the effects are as powerful as we want.


You must have physical connection with the other person through contact, whether by hugging, caressing, etc.


Yoni Massage for Women in Madrid


How to perform a Yoni massage?

Women must be lying down in a comfortable position.  Using a pillow under her head, she can look at her genital area and that of her partner.


You can also add a few pillowson the waist for greater comfort. Legs must be spread and the knees slightly bent.


The person who is to give the massage must sit between the legs of his or her partner and in order to have access to the Yoni and other parts of the body.


Breathing is a key factorwhen performing a female massage, it is important to hold your breath: deep, slow and absolutely relaxed.


In Yoni, clitoris is the main character of each stage of the massage, although you must be very careful not to over stimulate and use lubricants,focus on the areas being massaged, breathe slowly and letting yourself go are key factors to enjoy this massage to its fullest.



The phases of Yoni massage can be classified as follows:

  1. yoni massagesThe worship of Shakti or greeting to make contact with the person giving the massage.
  2. Preliminary massage all over the body.
  3. The awakening of the environment starting with caresses and soft movements on the female sensitive areas.  Such as neck, breasts, face and between the thighs.
  4. The unfolding of the Yoni flower.
  5. Stimulation of the pearl or clitoris.
  6. The entrance to the temple.
  7. The spot of the goddess to discover and stimulate the G-spot.
  8. Final.
  9. The farewell.


Many women who tried this massage agree on the intensity of the experience and maximum enjoyment they reached, whether they had an orgasm or not, this is irrelevant because the state you achieve is so pleasant and liberating that goes beyond the fact of having an orgasm.


It is also an excellent way to discover the meaning of feminine sexuality and major knowledge.


Enjoy your Yoni massage in Madrid with us in any of our Erotic Massages!  Whether it is a man or a woman.

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