Women Tantric Massage in Madrid

Women Tantric Massage; an experience every woman should live once.

How is a Women Tantric Massage?


My first contact with tantric massage was totally random. Yet being in love with generally every type of massage, tantric ones had never crossed my mind.


I simply thought it was a more sexual and manlike type of service, therefore i had never showed any interest at all.


It was then when my partner encouraged me to try it. Perhaps as a couple, it would bring us new experiences and sensations. At first I was a bit uptight about the whole idea, but then i could not think of any reasons why not to dig in.


That day I decided to leave all my prejudices and fears behind. As I entered, I convinced myself it would be an amazing life experience.


And it was, it certainly turned out to be exciting, astonishing and deeply satisfying, that i will gladly repeat.


women tantric massage


On the contrary to other massage styles, Women Tantric Massage follows no rules.


The same way it is sensual and energizing, it also consists in linking the parts of the body and feeling the 7 chakras (energetic power points). The movements, the light pressures, soft and low caresses leads you to the state it is hard to mentally follow them.


At first the sequence starts with the hands but later on you can notice the masseuse´s legs, chest, feet or arms that slowly slide into mine without feeling any unpleasant pressure or pain.


My body then experiments a blast of sensations, driving my body to “shaking”, a mind-blowing vibration, allowing my inner female sensuality coming out of me.


Erogenous area is not excluded, in fact is well attended. Same as the rest of the body is treated with soft, light and delicate pressures and movements, although it does not end up in masturbation.


women tantric massage in madrid


When doing some research I found out the aim of traditional tantra is for the awakening of sexual inspiration in women and vital strenght in men.


From my own experience, i consider Women Tantric Massage as an ideal method for both women and men who are looking to erotize their realtionships and boost their sexual energy; on the other hand, as a woman it has been such an impressive and sensual discovery, a self-conscious of my body, how many different sensations can we get from just one caress that only a professional masseuse would be able to give.


All women should know and it is to feel like this.


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