The Power of Sexual Energy

Tantra and Sexual Energy

Sexual energy was researched and tested by Tantrics for thousands of years. Contrary to the way they viewed sex in Western countries, they intend that both men and women feel in harmony with this energy function. Sex is not condemned, it is encouraging.


Tantrics understand sex as an art, a science and an access to deep levels of consciousness. Which human being does not like the pleasure that sex offers?


Then, why suppress it? Why be dominated or possessed? It is about sharing energy without mind and her false morality, conditions, wrong beliefs interfere, so energy flows with no feelings of guilt or sin.


Tantra considers very important the fact of men not ejaculating, although many times it is not achieved because this sexual energy carrying life pretends to activate the seven chakras or body energy centers.


The seven chakras are bases on the previous chakras and their related functions. All chakras are bases on a column (where legs, sexual organs and hips are included) that can be displayed as a large pyramid with a strong base and the following six chakras as steps built on it. Sexual energy is a source of pleasure, life and transformation.


Of course it is attached to consciousness and meditation but does not use sex as genital discharge but rather as an exchange of masculine and feminine energy to feel as one same being.


Anyone having sex can start to practice Tantra, or in other words, mutual ascension. Anyone who has experienced pleasure can transform sexual knowledge further than just sexual enjoyment into the wisdom of a spiritual relationship.


Sexual energy is the base for love energy, communication, mental vigor and spiritual stability. Sex creates what we call pleasure, which is a way to raise the body, mental and spiritual vibration. (We clarify that our Tantric massages do not contain explicit sexual practice).

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