Tantric Sex for Couples

Tantric Sex : Four Recommended Positions

What are the best positions to begin in Tantric sex for couples?


Practicing the techniques of Tantra allows, through a series of positions, exercises and massages, to apply Tantric knowledge to the art of making love.  And to experience not only as a search of genital pleasure.  But as a way to Tantric orgasm, ecstasy and, ultimately spiritual sexuality.


This is about enjoying contact with your partner, both physical and mentally.


Tantra sex is an experience where physical and emotional feelings combine due to the flow of energy within the couple. For this reason, the technique is often used to increase the levels of pleasure and to improve your sex life.


At the time of performing the tantric sexual act we recommend a series of positions that must last some time for the couple to relax, connect and transmit their energy.


These positions must be performed slowly and controlling movements, as well as alternating action as one goes throughout the erogenous areas of the other person, he or she must remain passive in order to enjoy all these feelings to their fullest and be filled with pleasure.


In order to improve positions it is very helpful to practice yoga, since they teach us positions and techniques of relaxation that will help to balance mind, body and sexual power.


couples tantric sex


The four most recommended Tantric positions are the following:


  • Fussion. It is one of the most relaxing and slow positions of Kamasutra. It is ideal for Tantric sex. The act is performed slowly and gradually, in deep circular movements. Both people try to seek pleasure gradually, irradiating sex energy and looking for the best connection.
  • Padm. The man sits cross-legged and the woman sits on his lap, enclosing his body with her legs and hugging him around the neck. The man slowly lifts the woman to experience a unique orgasm. This position allows greater stimulation of the G-spot,while keeping visual contact between the couple.
  • Unpapad. Remaining both seated, she gently lifts one leg holding it with her hand, and there starts penetration slowly.
  • The Siren. The woman has to lie down on a table with her legs extended, and the man penetrates her while standing on. With slow and deep movements, both will enjoy thewarmth of the other.


There are powerful reasons to practice Tantra sex, since many Tantric habits arecapable of awakening desire and multiply pleasure, increasing libido from different levels prior to intercourse.


Do not forget to mix caresses and sensual massage. This will help to increase sexual desire and to delay orgasm.


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