Tantric Orgasm

Tantric Orgasm in Madrid

Longer, deeper and higher that’s how is a Tantric Orgasm.


Tantra techniques to achieve a more powerful and deeper tantric orgasm is based on a specialized way to control breathing.


Both yogis and Tantric consider this as vital. It is considered a lifestyle control because having control of breathing allows life control.


In order to achieve a Tantric orgasm, and therefore more intense and lasting, it is important to inhale as slow as possible, about halfway to the peak of the orgasm.


The growing feeling of climax will continue during the time you can hold your breath. Once the limit is reached, the air is expelled with all possible sound.


The volume of the sound as you exhale will influence the depth of the orgasm. Then try to keep control of the sound without wasting it too fast, because the orgasm will last while breathing.


couple tantra orgasm massage


With practice, both men and women can extend the orgasm during more than one complete breath, up to for our six, maybe more.


So, if we learn to control breath and extend it, we will strengthen the lungs and will improve lung capacity and much longer orgasms are reached because inhaling and exhaling will be longer.


Achieving a Tantric Orgasm

Achieving such an explosive orgasm that expands and awakens consciousness is within our capacity.


Display during an orgasm often helps in this matter and a shared display has double benefit. Imagine a stream of this energy through spiral all around the body, like an electric current.


When orgasm starts and inspiration begins, you visualize how inspiration pulls that spiral energy upward, through the heart and to the throat going up to the brain to finish exploding out of the crown chakra.


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