Tantric massages Madrid

Enjoy the best Tantric massages Madrid. Unlike erotic massage, orgasm and ejaculation are not the purpose of these massages, but the important thing is the energy generated in the root muladhara chakra, which handled properly may lead the couple into a state of consciousness and fullness that yogis call Samadhi.


What are Tantric massages in Madrid?

With over 5.000 years of history, it is a type of genital massage that aims to heal what their followers call “awakening kundalini energy”, in an intimate atmosphere, and as a way of meditation in your own body and that of the partner. It works to enhance our sensory ability, so our mind really learns to feel.


Tantra massages Madrid aim to deactivate, relax mind to open a new world where every touch, every feeling, and every moment are important. Feelings take over thoughts.


In Tantric massages Madrid, spirituality is lived in the body and is used as a therapy that is usually part of the activities of Tantra. This kind of massage may be very exciting, however, it does not seek sex, but it rather looks to enhance feelings. It achieves to disconnect problems at the same time of encouraging sensations.


Once we manage to deactivate these thoughts and start to feel is when we discover plenitude in every feeling. With Tantra massage Madrid we eliminate stress and negativity accumulated, and leads the person towards a great feeling of peace.


Tantric massages in Madrid by Amon Tantra

Benefits of our Tantric massages Madrid

So, the benefits we can find in Tantra massages Madrid can be summarized as follows:

  • It awakens the senses: we wake up! We activate ourselves to be able to feel each and every feeling we have at our disposal. Whenever someone touches a part of our body.
  • Relax: Tantric massages allow relaxing in such way that we forget about stress in our lives.
  • Feeling of well-being: the body releases endorphins via the activation of the body by receiving a massage. Which makes us feel good and with a great feeling of peace.


Discover the pleasure of our exclusive Tantric massages

masaje tántrico en madrid tantra sense
Try our most relaxing and sensitive massage. A receptive sensual masssage performed with hand and arms.
masaje tantra en madrid nirvana
The most intense mutual massage. With this interactive body to body massage you will discover the best pleasures in Tantra.
masajes tantra en madrid heaven
Our variety of double genital stimulation massages. Maximum pleasure you can experience in a Tantra session.
masaje erótico en madrid nature
Naturist version of our body to body massages. The most demanding tantra massage by our male clients.