Tantric Massage for Women

Tantric Massage Women in Madrid

What can Tantric Massage Women offer you?


We often hear about Tantric massage aimed at men, and really it is a technique that is required and satisfying among them, but little is heard about their great benefits and magnificent surprises that tantric massage has prepared for women.


For many years, women have lived sex life and everything it entails with taboos, disinformation and false beliefs.


Fortunately, every time we find it less often, but women have lived sex life with feelings of guilt when masturbating. Having sex when they do not want to and forced to fake orgasms, not knowing how to say “no”,… And without knowing what it is to feel an orgasm…


Also the fact of having to give birth, cesareans, abortions,… highly contributes to numbness in tissue. Stress that is hardly to relax even when making love, and therefore lower receptivity from the male organs or any other kind of external stimulation.


Tantric Massage for Women in Madrid


When a woman has suffered some kind of deep sexual or intimate trauma or when her vital energy is disperse, bipolar, suffers from depression, she also has a lack of sensibility towards sexual stimulus, suffering from anorgasmia, rejecting men or to any other lifestyle that allows her to enjoy sex life.


Some basics for a perfect massage for women

When performing a tantric massage for women, Kaula School from India gives us information:

  • Labia minora. Fear to openness, shame, and desire to hide…
  • Clitoris. Nervousness, lack of confidence, impatience, insecurity.
  • Perineum. Difficulty to achieve pleasure, numbness.
  • G-spot. Sexual frustration derived from faking orgasms, anxiety, and fear of losing.
  • Vaginal canal around cervix. Irritation, feeling as a victim, abortions, and birth trauma.

Tantric Massage Women in Madrid


Tantric Massage Women may be very helpful because when you massage this area properly. Women can release and heal all these blockages as they empty and release all these accumulated emotions and render their tissue in its natural state.

Tantra cheers women up, no repression, allowing the release of everything. Breathing deeply and gently. Clearing her mind, ready to receive the amount of pleasant feelings that the massage will provide.


Usually tantra massage for Women who suffer from blockages we recommend to do it in various sessions. Slowly increasing intensity and helping her to discover her own sexuality since it is important that women feel comfortable with themselves.


With the magnificent techniques of Tantric massage based on caressing, pressures, rubbing, circular movements and affection transmitted throughout the body,… It ispossible to remove emotional problems that prevent women from being happy and enjoy their body and sexuality.


Properly performed, Tantric massage provides deep emotional catharsis that will completely heal women.

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