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Tantra Orgasm

What is a Tantra Orgasm and How to achieve it.


Generally the way sex is practiced  in the east is very different that in the way practiced in the west. Tantra followers look for a primal orgasm, whereas in the east we are more accustomed to genital pleasure


From the beginning of time sex has been a very important part of our lives and has been extremely and hotly debated. For those who practice Tantra, the unusual experience of an orgasm in Tantra looks for peace, serenity, and plenitude, making it an unforgettable experience due to many factors. 


An orgasm is a spasm that is produced in our bodies through genital stimulation in which levels of excitation or at its all high, triggering a spastic movement that once started there is no turning back.


In women it manifests as a soothing sensation full of pleasure, similar to a wave inside the vagina.


Men, experiment a similar sensation in which a spastic wave roams from the prostate to the urethral canal, producing an expulsion of sperm.


how to reach a Tantra Orgasm


We could say that the process is the same, but according to Tantra followers eyaculating is a loss of vital energy. 

To all of those followers and partisans of Tantra philosophy, proper massage techniques are much more important, together with the intimate sensations experienced, leaving in a secondary plane climax or orgasm


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