Parisian Room

Tantra Massages in Madrid

Tantric Massage is an incredible, erotic massage designed by AMON.

Through our thai and body to body techniques you will truly know what a tantric massage is. Choose between different tantra massages.

Would you like to travel and receive a Parisian cabaret erotic, sensitive and sensual massage? So are our tantric massages.

Designed with care and study to that from the first minute you begin your massage, you can experience pleasurable sensations with professional techniques developed.

The Paris Chamber also offers ample space, lit by a dim candle light accompanied by warm. Perfectly mirrors placed at strategic points in order to display the art of erotic massage, without losing elegance. Authentic oriental treat for all your senses.

In AMON you can enjoy your tantric massage in four themed rooms. The Paris room is specially designed for performing erotic massage.

In particular, it has bars and fabrics for aerial tantric massage. Tantra Fetiche Massage, can only be enjoyed in this room. Book in advance.

This tantric massage, we have defined how I never seen erotic massages … and certainly are right. Imagine how getting a massage on a comfortable futon, to offer your body a break and to stop and take the tantric energy.

When the level of eroticism and arousal uploaded to their most critical point, the massage will end up, your masseuse performing an elegant and very sensual body aerial body around you, lie perfectly visualize the entire scene at you, you’re the main protagonist.

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