Indian Room

Erotic Massage in Madrid

In AMON we know well how to give an erotic massage. We combine body to body techniques and tantric massage to provide a more intense pleasure than usual. Erotic massage all over your body, from head to toe, made by boys and girls.

Through this type of massage you can increase your sexual ability, learn to enjoy and discover new erogenous zones of your body, improve your orgasms and ejaculation control.

Not only the sexual benefits are present in erotic massage, rest and relaxation also on the muscle and all your Nervous System.

For us it is very important to your comfort, why all our themed rooms are perfectly designed for it. Hygiene is a factor that sets us apart and is highly valued by our customers. Both by the center and masseuses.

The indispensable in these erotic services, is your comfort, make you feel at ease from the first moment you enter our facilities or establish a telephone contact.

Our concern: make you enjoy, be comfortable with your body and give you a sublime massage dreamed by all.


Choose your erotic massage, choose your room and give it a look!

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