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Erotic Massage Rooms in Madrid AMON Tantra

Tantra Massage Rooms Madrid

Enjoy your erotic massages in Madrid, at any of our four massage rooms, what’s yours?

Choose from Paris, Japan, Morocco and India to enjoy your erotic massage in AMON.


In our erotic massages we combine body to body massage and tantra massage for more intense sensations than usual …

In Amon, you’ll enjoy the erotic massages with different intensities or degrees of eroticism. Since the most sensitive and relaxing, even the most intense and stimulating, even to carry out air massage for an experience full of eroticism, sensuality and love but also staying out of any vulgarity.

Our massages, sequenced step by step and different from each other to ensure a memorable experience, are perfectly designed like our rooms. In any of them you get a massage on futon based Japanese tatami wide enough and comfortable for that from the first moment when you lie down you can feel the relaxation.

A minimalist and warm decor to help carry out the underworld and you can abandon yourself to the pleasure of the massage.


Enjoy your body in AMON Tantra & Sensual Care

All our erotic massages combine Thai massage, body to body and tantric massage. Finished in manual relax to release the deepest tensions in your body and renew your sexual energy.

Massage Room India in Madrid
Led by our Indian Princess, will travel to ancient India riding a richly adorned elephant. Wood carvings, silks and incense transported us to this spiritual place, the birthplace of yoga.
Massage Room Japan in Madrid
Japan remains an unsolvable enigma for many. The Japan Room invites concentration and relaxation within their shoji panels. Noh theater masks, samurai and geishas envelop you in the traditional atmosphere of this culture.
Massage Room Paris in Madrid
In Paris we enter the room of the 20 Pigalle, entirely dedicated to the world of cabaret, burlesque and earthly pleasures of so-called Roaring Twenties. Bars, swings and acrobats, a real scenario Bohème.
Massage Room Morocco in Madrid
The lattice chairs the Moroccan Room us into this evocative land of the senses: the color of the fabric, its penetrating spices, the freshness of mint tea, the call of the muezzin and feel of white sand.