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Tantra, is the best alternative to fight against monotonous sex

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When we begin a relationship, sex is usually extraordinary and everything is new to the couple, we have so much to discover about one another……. But unfortunately, time plays to our disadvantage, sexual routine wears down the relationship that was so ideal at the beginning. However, those who participate, giving and receiving Tantra massages, find a weapon to defeat, that so feared, monotony.


The use of caresses and massage, help to discover a new sexuality and arouse the libido, combats against the anxiety caused due to a deteriorated sexual relationship, and helps to recuperate self esteem.


Tantra philosophy teaches us how to discover, new erotic spots, taking pleasure in caressing one another, and with practice, learn how to reach the climax without eyaculation, which translates into an intense prolonged pleasure.


If the goal in tantric massage is reached or not, the disapereance to monotonous sex is what truly is important, enhancing desire, and having a broader knowledge of different erogenous areas both on men and women, that we did not know before.


Feel like changing routine into desire? Try our extraordinary massages as a couple or solo, we assure you that Tantra will change your sex life. Come and enjoy the best Tantra Madrid.


Tantra massage in Madrid


Tantra Madrid Massage

In our erotic massage center in Madrid we offer the possibility of knowing what a real Tantric massage is, since it is often confused with erotic massages, and although Tantra massage has an erotic part, it is not the main objective. Actually, the concept of Tantric is directed to well-being.


What will you get with Tantric massage?


Hindus describe Tantra as the process to achieve personal growth through pleasure. Tantric massage is based on the belief that if you are sexually happy and relaxed, then you will be healthier.


Therefore, it is a massage that seeks pleasure and can cause orgasm, but will not be the main objective.


Sexual power due to caressing is a consequence; however, sexual satisfaction is not the goal of Tantra Madrid massage.


Tantric massage seeks to deactivate and relax mind in order to open a new world where every touch counts, every feeling and every moment. Feelings take over thoughts. It allows releasing from bonds, from monotony, and enjoying an entire sensory experience.


One of the main goals of Tantra Madrid massage is to arouse inner energy, its mobilization andrelease.


Although this massage is very exciting it does not look for sex, but it seeks toenhance feelings, taking the person to a great feeling of peace, eliminating negativity, stress and worries to surrender to surprising and pleasant feelings that this type of massage gives us.


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