Sexual Fantasies

Four masculine and feminine Sexual Fantasies

What are the most common Sexual Fantasies?


Both men and women have their own fantasies and options are endless.


For a long time people believed these fantasies were very different, but according to some results in recent surveys reveal that these tastes are becoming closer, although never at a 100%.


Having sexual fantasies to discuss with your couple is something very healthy for your intimate life and re-stimulates passion that undermines with routine.


Although there are people who feel incapable of sharing an erotic dream with his or her partner, but it is very healthy to do it.


sexual fantasies doing a threesome

The most common sexual fantasies in men are:


  • Threesome. It is a classic. Two women at the same time, the simple fact of thinking about is exciting.
  • Role play. The fact that your couple plays out a nurse, a student or whatever is more exciting is also a very common game.
  • Voyeurism. For men, looking at his partner touch herself or carry out different sexual practices with another man is a very exciting fantasy, although less frequent.
  • Getting caught in the caught. Many men find a high level of excitement in the tension and curiosity of having sex in public, in places where they know they can be caught by someone else at any moment.


For women, the most common sexual fantasies are:


  • sexual fantasies dominatedTo be a stripper for one night. Somehow it is related to role-playing games which we mentioned with men. The most exciting role for a woman is that of the dancer getting naked to the rhythm of the music seducing her partner.
  • Sex with another woman. For some women, the fact of being in bed with another woman, without men, is very attracting. She does not necessarily have to be lesbian. She might find it interesting to watch or experience new feelings.
  • Exhibitionism. If men like to look, women like to provoke to be looked at.
  • To be dominated. According to experts in sexology there are two types: women that dream of being dominated and women attracted to the role of “dominatrix”. The first group may have too much control over their lives and the idea of losing it during sex is something they love. And on the other side there are women who fantasize about forcing someone to have sex with them, perhaps because in their real life they barely have control in some aspects.


Erotic massages a healthy sexual fantasy

Sexual fantasies form a big part of, and play an important role in, anyone’s sex life. In times when you are more sexually active, fantasies help to contribute and generate pleasurable sexual relations.


On the other hand when one is alone fantasies are a good supplement, producing satisfaction and well being.
For many woman, sexual fantasies imply an inner world full of pleasure, happiness, plenitude and a refuge to the constant pressures and daily obligations.


But on the otter hand there is a percentage of women that associate this behavior to something as wrong and are ashamed to talk about or share her fantasies.
When we are able to recognize that sexual fantasies are healthy to have and that we are not committing a sin by having them, only then, we will self-discover our own selves, our sexuality, and better our sexual encounters.


sexual fantasies women


Sexual fantasies through erotic massage

Erotic massages are a concurrent fantasy for both men and women, making dreams reality and making possible the un thought of. They also help to boost self esteem, feel more attractive, desired and erotic.



Woman, tend to repeat this fantasy of giving or receiving erotic massages so they can relive and repeat this pleasurable experience, feeling sexy, attractive, and helps as a reminder that life is full of erotic and exciting experiences.
On other occasions receiving  an erotic massage by someone else can help facilitate reaching an orgasm, satisfy the curiosity of the unknown and aliviate daily tension and stress.

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