Sensual Massages

Sensual Massages in Madrid 

Sensual massages are erotic massages prior to sex, although it is not necessary.


This type of relaxing massage is applied in a professional way in specialized centers by specially trained therapists or by your partner in a moment of intimacy.


Sensual massages have the characteristic of relaxing the body through stimulation of all your senses.


The body is able to feel all its little space, and through a sensual massage you can achieve deep relaxation and forget all the overwhelming situations that prevent us from enjoying.


At the time of applying a sensual massage it is important to find the most sensitive parts of the body, such as the buttocks, feet, breasts or neck and perform gentle circular movements starting from the back to slowly go down.


In order to apply a quality sensual massage it is necessary to make use of all your senses. Touching is essential, but you can also stimulate hearing by using relaxing music, and stimulate smell with aphrodisiac aromatherapy, as well as create a proper atmosphere with candles or dim lights.

sensual massages madrid
Tantric massage is one of the most sensual massages in this category.


Its purpose is to explore unusual areas, such as the lips, earlobes, neck and feet. It is recommended for couples, since you must have complete confidence to achieve major relaxation. It can also be used as an activity prior to an intimate encounter.


It is important to remember that we must always emphasize love rather than making love.


Caressing, massages, and pampering are a great demonstration of affection that can express this deep feeling and perhaps until then it can finish with intercourse and orgasms.


But if you wish for a full sexual relationship, sensual massages are also useful to make your body much more receptive and relaxed for sexual encounter. In sensual massages, whether used as a prelude or to make love, and if you intend to enjoy pleasure of caressing and pampering, the main goal will always be to reach maximum relaxation.

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