Relaxing Massages

Relaxing Massages in Madrid 

Relaxing massages in Madrid are those focused on achieving relief for the body, which often cannot be reached naturally.


Relaxing massages alleviate muscle contractions and render a feeling of total relaxation that could not have been possible otherwise. Erotic massages are also considered relaxing massages as they help to relieve stress and live an intimate moment filled with pleasant feelings.


The essential features of relaxing massage are, as the name suggests, those that are not intended for sports or muscle pain. The main goal of these massages is to provide rest and tranquility for the body by using proper moves.


A relaxing massage will be applied on different parts of the body, but the main goal is to relax muscles that we often tighten these days dealing with stress. Then you try to get blood circulation, calm nerves and clear your mind.


relaxing massages in Madrid

There are different types of massages that can be considered as relaxing:


  • Foot massage. It can be a great choice, since most of the nerve endings in our body are found there, thereby the results we get from a foot massage is very intense and relaxing.
  • Thai massage. This type of massage has been practiced for over 2.500 years, and it has a technique that is focused on working the energetic lines in the spiritual body. Through specific areas –called “sen”- in the human body, and by certain rhythmic pressures, this relaxing massage aims to have a positive effect on vital energy channels, thus providing physical, mental and spiritual relaxation.
  • Aromatherapy massage. It is a great relaxing massage, because aromatherapy is added, which is a perfect combination of two ancient methods in order to treat mind, body and soul. Aromatherapy uses essential oils that are useful to stimulate different parts of the body.
  • Erotic massages. It is a massage especially designed to go through the body, which consists in caressing the skin and applying soft rubbing that stimulate the body. There is a wide variety of relaxing massages, as they can also be applied on feet and hands using Thai massage techniques, as well as a number of oils that will be very useful for a good result at the time of performing the massage.


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