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Prostate Massage in Madrid

Enjoy the best prostate massage in Madrid at AMON Tantra.


The prostate is a gland that is part of the male genital system, and its contribution is key to orgasm. It is located adjacent to the rectum and may be stimulated in various ways including with a specific massage.


This massage contributes to the discharge of fluids. Doctors have used this massage for years to relieve the symptoms of prostatitis, but also some men use massage as a technique for achieving prolonged and intense orgasms.


There are several techniques for prostate massage, massage including internal, external massage and assisted by a massage device. No matter what reason has or method is used, the most important thing is to massage correctly to avoid injury in the prostate.


benefits of prostate massage in Madrid


The benefits of prostate massage are many, but mainly we talk about the following:

  • Relief of symptoms of prostatitis.
  • Prevention of prostate cancer.
  • Reduced presence of impotence.
  • Increased orgasms.


The feeling you may experience when you enjoy a prostate massage is also linked to other highly erogenous zone for men and perineum is the region that lies between the genitals and anus.


This is a very sensitive area and reacts easily deal with different stimuli, and usually causes a lot of satisfaction.


In our erotic massage center in Madrid, you can enjoy, provided at his request, the perianal and prostate massage at no extra cost in the following massages: Tantra Nirvana, Tantra Fetiche and Tantra Heaven.


Feel free to ask any questions you have about it, and if it is the first time you receive a stimulating massage in that area, let us know to work it fondly.


Prostate Massage: Why make this choice in the world of erotic massages?

A prostate massage, if done correctly with a specialized and experienced therapist who knows exactly the procedure and the techniques, and knows to perfection that male part so sensitive can make this massage one of the best erotic experiences ever lived.


Thanks to prostate massage in Madrid long and intense orgasms are achieved, sometimes even multiple orgasms that can be accompanied with copious ejaculations.


Some taboos and many other clichés have led many men to focus only on external spots of pleasure, usually located in the penis, ignoring the physiognomic center of pleasure as they think that the prostate massage might hurt or be uncomfortable and unpleasant.


But once they are convinced of doing it, the feelings they get are really nice and pleasant.


Those who really love sex will love prostate massage, the stimulation of the prostate or P spot (male version of the G-spot) activates orgasms in men, which would be unattainable with the sole friction of the penis.


And also, if during prostate massage other areas are stimulated, such as the perineum, the testicles or the penis, the explosion of pleasure is even more surprising.


If you want to discover what you can really do to feel a good prostate massage, then you can come to our center, Amon Tantra & Sensual Care, where we have the best therapistsready to make you enjoy this experience to its fullest and even teach you the technique of massage, showing you your spots of pleasure so you enjoy your own sexuality by yourself.


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