Erotic Massage to fight Premature Ejaculation

A boon for men with premature ejaculation problems.

The desperation that causes premature ejaculation, leading many men to seek solutions that wrong, far from providing a cure, this condition worse.


Some regard it as a disease, and there is the first mistake and that premature ejaculation is a condition whose solution is not to take pills, injections or surgery.


AMON Tantra deals with many men who have this problem and know that there are many beneficial natural options that require discipline, dedication and determination, but instead quick and effective results are obtained if taken seriously.


Few things allow a man to relax as much as with an erotic massage all over your body, most notice a significant improvement in their ability to delay ejaculation after receiving a massage, because not only relaxing but also opens the flow of energy so that the sexual instinct is not stored only in your genitals.


We develop effective techniques really trying a series of muscles that are located above the penis, forming circles around it, combined with massage techniques in the testicles and the base and the glans of the male organ, which makes massage improves blood circulation, erections and allow better control of ejaculation.


how to combat premature ejaculation in madrid


If this diet is added a number of very beneficial nutrients to improve blood circulation and reduce anxiety, such as orange juice, oysters, … cinnamon.


And a sedentary lifestyle, which is a major cause of premature ejaculation, practicing some daily exercise such as walking or running, it keeps it healthy circulation, prevents stress and allow greater concentration and more blood is prevented and oxygen reaches the brain.


This occurs when sex occurs, allowing the man prolong his erection.


Don’t hesitate to ask us about how to combat premature ejaculation, and if you are in Madrid, come to visit us and receive an incredible Lingam Massage that will really help you.


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