Tantra Spain Massage

Tantra in Spain How is Tantra Spain Massage?   The word Tantra comes from Sanskrit. Its origins can be traced back thousands of years and appeared as a type of movement opposing ascetic yoga and religious Buddhism.   Tantra is a method that leads, with the aid of rituals, breathing techniques and meditation, to a more conscious level of

Professional Tantra Massage

Erotic Massage or Tantric Massage? How is a professional Tantra Massage.   The terms erotic massage and Tantric massage are often confused, since Tantra is occasionally misunderstood as a kind of sex service.   However, a real Tantra can be an efficient holistic remedy for physical and psychological well-being.  Is efficient bodywork to treat all kinds of sexual and emotional

Naturist Massages

How is a real naturist massage In this post we are going to talk about how our naturist massages in Madrid are.   In Amon Tantra & Sensual Care we are strong supporters of naturism or nudity as it is demonstrated to have many benefits for physical, psychological, social and sexual health. For this reason, our naturist massages in Madrid

Intimate Massages in Madrid

How are intimate massages? Enjoy the best Intimate Massages in Madrid.   There are endless ways to achieve sexual complicity and enjoyment as a couple… And among those that generate more intimacy are Erotic Massages. The Tantra technique to give intimate and erotic massages is much more than a simple sexual massage.   Much of the pleasure that these techniques cause is due to keeping the genital area forthe last moment.

Massages in Madrid

How is a massage in AMON Tantra? Our massages Madrid. Currently there is a big offer of Massage Centers in Madrid, Therapeutic and Oriental Massages, as well as Erotic Massages.   Amon Tantra & Sensual Care is the only massage center in Madrid that offers a wide variety of massages for our customers, both Traditional Thai Massage and Erotic-Tantric Massages.   In our Massage Center

Sensitive Massages Madrid

How are Sensitive Massages in Madrid? Relax at AMON and forget all the stress with our best Sensitive Massages in Madrid.   Massages are probably the oldest therapeutic tool used by humans to communicate and provide natural resources against pain until becoming the technique that we know nowadays by “structured touch” where you can find sensitive erotic massages.

Orgasm Without Ejaculation

How to have an Orgasm without Ejaculation Is it possible to have an Orgasm without Ejaculation?   As for male sex refers, there has always been the idea that ejaculating is the final part of an intimate relationship, and that is the entire delight for men. What we do not know is that this makes men lose energy and thereby feel weak,

Tantric Sex for Couples

Tantric Sex : Four Recommended Positions What are the best positions to begin in Tantric sex for couples?   Practicing the techniques of Tantra allows, through a series of positions, exercises and massages, to apply Tantric knowledge to the art of making love.  And to experience not only as a search of genital pleasure.  But as a way to Tantric

Pleasure Without Sin

Erotic Massage in Madrid … our pleasure without sin. Enjoy our erotic massage Madrid.   Erotic Massage is one of the oldest treatments that are known and has become very efficient to rediscover the own sexuality.  It will help to improve and therefore have a better life in general.   When we need to get rid of our

Businessman Massage

Businessman Massage in Madrid Enjoy the best Businessman Massage in Madrid with us!   Massages have been considered to be one of the most effective treatments against pain and stress. With a proper massage you can treat muscles, the nervous system, the circulatory system and the lymphatic system.   Erotic Massages are the natural relief against stress, which cause many headaches, muscle pain, nerve disorders,

Sexual Health & Erotic Massages

Erotic Massage in Madrid for your Health Recover your libido and discover the numerous benefits of Erotic Massages and Sexual Health.   One of the most common disorders that occur in men is erectile dysfunction.  Which does not mean he is impotent but that may be caused by external reasons, by a somatic problem or some disease.  Although many

Romantic Massage

Romantic Massage in Madrid Enjoy the best Romantic Massage in Madrid with AMON Tantra. If there is something romantic, then it is a massage between a couple or given to the couple by a therapist prepared for it.   When we talk about romantic massages, we refer to more intimate and sensual massages than the common massage.

Keys for a Good Massage

A good massage in Madrid In order to know if we are in the hands of a good Massage therapist who is well prepared and has the knowledge and ability to perform it…  We shall give you a series of guidelines when receiving a massage.  So we know whether we are in the hands of

Yoni Massage for Women

Yoni Massage in Madrid Yoni Massage is a unique tantric experience that you deserve to have with us in Madrid.   Aimed at women, its purpose is not the orgasm, as in Tantra in general.  But it is not something to underestimate during the massage.   In case it is produced during the massage, the orgasm will be more intense and enjoyable than usual.  

Tantric Massage for Women

Tantric Massage Women in Madrid What can Tantric Massage Women offer you?   We often hear about Tantric massage aimed at men, and really it is a technique that is required and satisfying among them, but little is heard about their great benefits and magnificent surprises that tantric massage has prepared for women.   For

Luxury Massages Madrid

Erotic Luxury Massages in Madrid Enjoy our incredible luxury massages in Madrid with us.   In Amon Tantra & Sensual Care we offer much more than just an erotic luxe massage; we offer privacy and quality in our services, comfort, luxury and what is more important, we offer a selection of very experienced therapists constantly training to satisfy our

Hotel Madrid

In which Hotel in Madrid should you stay Find the best Hotel Madrid. As an important touristic and business center, Madrid probably has one of the best hotel infrastructures in the world, with more than 50.000 hotels, of which half belong to 4 or 5 star hotels. Also, the relation quality/price of Madrid hotels is

Oriental Massages

Oriental massages in Madrid Speaking of oriental massages is speaking of techniques that were originated thousands of years ago and which were developed in the East with therapeutic and relaxing purposes.   Only a few of them were created and developed in the West. The techniques of oriental massages began to be used since 3.000

Sensual Massages

Sensual Massages in Madrid  Sensual massages are erotic massages prior to sex, although it is not necessary.   This type of relaxing massage is applied in a professional way in specialized centers by specially trained therapists or by your partner in a moment of intimacy.   Sensual massages have the characteristic of relaxing the body through stimulation of

Relaxing Massages

Relaxing Massages in Madrid  Relaxing massages in Madrid are those focused on achieving relief for the body, which often cannot be reached naturally.   Relaxing massages alleviate muscle contractions and render a feeling of total relaxation that could not have been possible otherwise. Erotic massages are also considered relaxing massages as they help to relieve stress