Lingam Massage

Lingam Massage or Tantra Massage for Men

What is Lingam Massage?


The Yoni massage is a tantric massage modality that focuses specifically on the human body. It is an erotic massage focuse especially on the male genital organ known as Lingam, and seeks to achieve personal growth through pleasure.


The lingam massage is intended to relax the man and take him to contact his sensitive side. The couple’s relationship becomes more respectful and also traditional gender roles are exchanged which is very healthy for opening the mind.


Orgasm and ejaculation are not the primary goal of the Lingam massage, but exploring a new form of pleasure that is not conditioned by traditional factors as precisely reach that peak moment or climax.


how is a lingam massage in madrid


How is a Lingam Massage in Madrid

To perform this massage, it is important to prepare spiritually and physically. It is recommended to breathe deeply and emptying the stomach because the sexual experience is more enjoyable if it is empty.


The man lies on his back, being advised to do so on pillows to lift his torso and head. The legs must be separated with knees bent, and so, leaving exposed genitals to massage with full effectiveness.


The lingam massage works very carefully both the penis and testicles, the massage begins with the testicles and scrotum causing the whole area to relax, then you will pass gently caress pubic or pelvic bone and perineum.


lingam massages male genital reflexologyOf course, massaging the body varying the pressure and speed to change stimulus intensity and is most pleasing. Recall that with this massage, the man assumed a passive position that is not necessarily familiar, so we should not allow him to move, so that the desired result.


The lingam massage is one of the most sought tantra massage by men for the high level of sexual arousal is achieved with the same. A massage experience should not stop all lovers of tantra massage.


The power of the Lingam Massage as a therapy

The Lingam massage originated in India about 4.000 years ago as a way to celebrate the union of the body with the heart and the opening of the chakra vision of power, mind and soul.


The massage or discipline of India is prescribed in the Sanskrit disciplines that only Hindus know by linguistic tradition as a method to improve erection and to experience progress in the states of delayed or premature ejaculation.


It should be noted that Lingam massage has different aspects and the main ones for sexual dysfunction are three, training based on strategies, methods, guidelines so the person solves dysfunction.


Without these guidelines, the Lingam massage would not be properly done to treat the problems; it would only be a massage of pleasure, without becoming the authentic Lingam massage.


lingam massage in madrid


Benefits of Lingam Massage


  • The slow movements during the massage can be very sensual, enhancing the sensory part.
  • It provides a feeling of relaxation and peace, regulating heart rate and reducing blood pressure.
  • It stimulates circulation by oxygenating the blood.
  • During this massage the body releases endorphins naturally, which provides a feeling of well-being.
  • Relieve stress, which causes many of the sexual problems.


Lingam massage in Madrid is made with slow, coordinated and gentle movements.


We must ensure that men do not reach orgasm, since it is very easy for this to happen with these movements.


But if they can manage to hold it, ejaculation will be controlled and improve considerably in case of dysfunction.


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