Key Sound Multiple Orgasm

The unknown technique for men to be multi-orgasmic

“ Key Sound Multiple Orgasm ” (KSMO) is the name of a particular method based in breathing, and although it is not followed strictly it provides interesting clues to achieve greater pleasure.


Jack Johnston, the person who developed this technique, is not in favor of not reaching orgasm through holding techniques but to take it the easy way.


The problem we find with these types of breathing methods is that they can lead to frustrating failure, they obviate the spreading that gives grace to the loving relationship because man becomes a guard of himself, asking “Am I almost there?”, “Maybe I can go further?”… This has to be avoided.


Often orgasm focuses on the genital area but this method pretends to have orgasm happen through the whole body. Neurologically, everything is connected, so the idea is to be aware of that, the flow of energy is a magnificent strategy to get the most benefit of orgasm.


Key Sound Multiple Orgasm, as a technique, aims to achieve long sessions massing the perineum, also in the base of the penis where small ejaculations of pre-semen may occur. Orgasms shall come in waves and not as one single pleasure hit.


Twenty minutes every day (while trying not to ejaculate) can be enough to reach decent knowledge of your own sexuality through four elements of the system: specific vocalization, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and mental concentration.


key sound multiple orgasm techniques


How is Key Sound Multiple Orgasm?

First, we must be aware of our sexual energy. Second, and more practical, consider the pace of arousal.


Usually, most men go quickly from the first stimulus to ejaculation. Firmness, swelling, hardening and heat are the for stages that every man goes through the process of arousal.


The key action is to not move to the heat stage so fast, that in which ejaculation happens. For this, arousal should not distract us, but we should let our mind wander through other issues and thoughts.


We should also handle certain techniques such as breathe control, which must slow down and be done with the diaphragm, which is something good for our health. And last but not least, we have exercises to strenghten sexual muscles, similar to Kegel exercises that give power to feminine sexuality.

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