Kama Sutra Sexual Guide

An excellent guide to sexuality

Many centuries ago, one of the most influential books in the history of Humanity appeared on the distant territory of India, revealing ideas and secrets, proposing shared and less imposed forms in which sex experience is more open and creative, eliminating the idea of man domination.


Sexual culture has been extremely sexist and this book marks before and after.


Sex and erotic games accompany humans from the beginning of time because it is the most natural individual expression, the least contaminated when natural sincerity of the body is discovered and becomes necessary for a healthy lifestyle.


kama sutra


Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra encourages and promotes not only a physical relationship between parts, but also spiritual.


Seduction as an art, caressing, massages and all the previous acts are widely mentioned in this guide where wisdom escapes from the obscene. It is one of the oldest treatises on love and sexuality, these two concepts understood in their highest aception.


Centuries later, in the XII century, the Koka Shastra appears, written by the poet Kokkoka.


This appears after Kama Sutra, giving sex a symbolic, religious and almost mystical dimension, using Tantra as a base, which is an antique system of rituals and practices based on sexual energy to take the individual into a higher state of consciousness.


Either Kama Sutra or Koka Shastra, the rituals that appear there, emphasize aesthetics, the elegance of sacred sex, and the creation of the appropriate environment.


However, they are actually far away from the banal interpretation that has been given.


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