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Hotel Massages Madrid

Receive an incredible erotic hotel massage in your room.

AMON Tantra & Sensual Care offers you professional Hotel Massage service. Enjoy the best tantric massage in Madrid at your Hotel room.

At first, we considered if the Amon experience would be possibly transferred to a hotel room, based on the fact that not all hotels in Madrid are the same, therefore not having the same comfort.

A massage is made and enjoyed in a different way depending on the environment and necessary elements. In order to enjoy an erotic massage in a hotel we created a methodology and a preparation so that the Amon experience is totally satisfactory, and the customers who want it can enjoy in their hotel the most prepared therapists, as if they received the massage in our center.

How to book a Mobile Massage in Madrid ?

We offer several outcall massages from 10am until 02am.

Book your erotic massage at least one hour in advance.

For bookings between 10pm – 02am, we would advice booking before 10pm to guarantee your masseuse availability.

Feel free to schedule your hotel massage by phone or e-mail.

Taxi fees are included in Madrid City Area. For hotels located in Airport Area there is a surcharge of 40€ for taxi fees.

Outcall & Hotel Massage Menu in Madrid

duration price
Hotel Massage Light. Very relaxing and sensual massage.  Working full body your masseuse use her hands and arms to perform the massage.  Only receptive.  Read more: Tantra Sense 60′ 180€
Hotel Massage Intense. An incredible erotic body-to-body massage. Using our best body to body techniques. You can interact with your masseuse in this mutual massage. Read more: Tantra Nirvana 60′ 240€
Hotel Massage Nature. Naturist version of our best body-to-body massage. Receive your erotic massage with your masseuse fully naked. Read more: Tantra Nature 60′ 300€
Hotel Massage 4 Hands. Just for the brave ones, a very exciting massage with two masseuses, ¿are you ready for such a pleasure? Read more: Four Hand Massage 60′ 400€
Hotel Massage Couples 1M. Performed with one masseuse you could enjoy your couple massage at your hotel. Read more: Tantra Brahma 60′ 300€
Hotel Massage Couples 2M. An incredible body-to-body massage for couples performed with two masseuses. Read more: Tantra Vishnú 60′ 400€

Our experience allows us to know what clients like the most when receiving an erotic massage in a hotel. The human body is an open book and we are guided by what it tells us with its movements.

hotel massage madrid

We guarantee all our customers that they will live a unique experience with professionals who dedicate maximum effort to the art of erotic massage and the pleasures that delight us.

How to choose a massage in your hotel?

Below you will find our variety of massages in hotels. There are a lot to choose from.
You can choose a sensitive massage, body to body, with double stimulation, four-hand massage. In case you do not know which massage to choose, you can contact the people in charge of Amon Tantra & Sensual Care so they can advise you and help you solve your questions.
If you wish you can choose the therapist you like the most. You may access their pictures in “Masseuses” section of this website.
To make a reservation you can contact us by phone at +34912986955 / +34610327765 or if you prefer through our email:

Receive your therapist in your hotel room. The key of our massages is tenderness, something that our clients feel through an especially sensual massage which consists of the soft caressing offered by our therapists using not only their hands, but also the excitement of the body-to-body massage.

Highly interactive massages performed by using our own oils to intensify sensations. All our massages end with soft stimulation of the genital area with our techniques based on the principles of Tantra to offer all our clients the most intense pleasure ever known.

Erotic Outcall Massage in Madrid

Today, due to daily stress we find ourselves at the end of the day extremely tired, tense, nervous, stressed.. And in many cases in a hotel, in a bed that is not our own. Making it difficult to rest properly and recuperate from our long day of traveling or business.

At AMON Tantra we are completely aware of our clients needs and for this reason we want to help facilitate that relaxing state of body and mind that is so much needed to confront our day to day and recharge our energy levels.

We have created a hotel erotic massage service, here in Madrid. Making it possible for you to enjoy the pleasure of receiving the best erotic massage in the capital.

outcall massage Madrid

Our spectacular masseuses are trained and prepared to the perfection to make sure our clients enjoy the different types of massages that we offer here at AMON Tantra.

The use of exclusive oils prepared here at our center by a professional aromatherapist helps allow a much more satisfactory, erotic, and excellent state of relaxation.

Advantages of receiving an erotic hotel massage

If you are on a business travel, after a hard day’s work, our clients manage to relax and get rid of all the stress accumulated throughout the day.
At the end of the massage, nothing better than taking a shower and staying relaxed in your own room without having to go back to the street.
In a massage in a hotel the schedule of attention to clients is extended.
If the massage is performed at night before going to sleep, the climax will last all night.
100% assured discretion.

For all of those who are just passing through Madrid… And have a desire to receive our exquisite full body massage with hotel room service. We offer maximum discretion and the comfort of door to door service. We invite you to learn more about us and to enjoy this pleasurable experience, it is surely ours….