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Erotic & Tantric Gay Massages in Madrid

Enjoy a Gay Massage in Madrid with our male masseur. Each time it is getting more widespreaded a male clientele who wants to try a tantric experience with another man, due to curiosity, to pursuit new and exciting experiences or a crave to understand their own body.


Without a doubt Erotic Massages in Amon, Tantra Nirvana for instance, are very erotic and the level of excitement and sexual energy is extremely high with no need of sexual intercourse. If you are looking for high voltage sensations, you are in the right hands.


But what is the main objective of tantric Gay Massage?

Personally I think the most important purpose of this type of service is to get to know oneself. Tantra comes from Love, in fact its origin comes from a conversation about love where nothing is obscure. Through erotic massage abandonment and surrender of the body to the masseuse is pursued. The aim is for you to take conscience of your skin, your erogenous areas and to stop your mind from thinking and let yourself to feel.”- comments our masseur Marco.


We would like to invite all those men who would like to experience tantric massage with another man and surrender to our Gay Massage in Amon.


Are you ready to live that experience? Choose your Gay Massage in Madrid from our Erotic Massages menu.


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Gay Massage in Madrid

As homosexuals, Tantric practice allows to recognize those aspects that are not harmoniously integrated and prevent from evolving.


It allows recognizing and releasing all those psycho-emotional memories, heals wounds and transform all the beliefs and limited patterns of thought that hinder growth.


It opens the way to full self-acceptance and the possibility to revert fear and all the destructive emotions that derive from it, in non-conditioned love.


Amon Tantra & Sensual Care offers this possibility by receiving the best Gay Massage in Madrid, from the hands of our expert therapist Aleksei, with whom you will be able to live the most erotic, sensual and intense experience that Tantra Gay Massage can offer you.


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The purpose of our Gay Massage is to take full awareness of our sexual energy, learn to mobilize it, expand it, direct it, strengthen it, where to unlink guilt and pleasure learning to generate it, amplifying and extending throughout the body, with access to the mystical experience, and its healing and evolutionary potential.


After relaxing the front part of the body with soft, slow and rhythmic movements of massage, from soft to more intense, sexual energy gradually awakens focusing on the genital area with different techniques.


Feelings slowly awaken in the perineal area and slowly have access to the anal area with a gentle hand massage so that the people performing this gay massage can feel comfortable and relaxed.


With different postures and techniques the anal and prostate area are massaged, awakening an endless number of feelings that reach a more intense orgasm than usual and even multiple orgasms.


In addition, our gay massage provides a series of benefits for the person who receives it, since prostate massage reduces the risk of prostatitis, prostate cancer, genital pain; symptoms of erectile dysfunction or suffering an increase of the always uncomfortable night urination.


When a Man on Man massage is done on a regular basis, in addition to the lasting health benefits, many men are fascinated by all the positive effects.


Having access to this experience and integrate it with the practice of our gay massages is a unique and incredible experience for any man, but is more powerful for homosexuals.


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