Make your Own Erotic Products

Usual objects transformed into erotic products

Erotic Products and Eroticism can be considered a game that requires imagination to avoid falling in the routine and get tired of it.


Not just talking about positions during sexual intercourse or change the place, although all of this works to break routine and that is always good. But this time we talk about objects or accessories that will help experience new sensations that will get you closer to your partner for the pleasure of intimacy, trust and dedication.


Eroticism is the way to get close to love, therefore worth being a part of it.


Look around, and you will notice you can transform everyday objects into stupendous toys or erotic products that can be introduced to our sexual activity and turn it into a fun game, much more intriguing and exciting.


erotic products couple

We have a few ideas below:


  • Essential aphrodisiac oils. We recovered erotic massage as a form of connection with the body. These magnificent oils are perfect to perform this massage because it allows to slide through the skin and moist it. We will always start this massage in a relaxing mode and increase intensity while massaging different erogenous areas on your partner. You will be surprised by the level of arousal you can achieve.
  • Eatable gels or chocolate cream. In case these gels are not available, we can easily find chocolate cream which you can spread on your body so your partner “cleans it up” slowly.
  • Neckwear, ties and handkerchiefs. They can be used to immobilize your partner in a way that you both agree; the hands, the legs or both, as well as covering your eyes and let your partner take control. When you delete visual stimuli and the ability to move, the rest of the feelings are powered, especially in women.
  • Feather duster. You can find one very easily. The feathers used to caress the body cause ticklish exciting feeling, and if you cover the eyes of the other person, he or she will melt in pleasure.
  • Little ice cube. We all know this game of sliding an ice cube all over the body and causing the shivers in a pleasant way that promises even better sensations. But if what you want is to stimulate the genital area. It is better to use ice cream since it is not so cold, allows licking the area and the contrast between the cold ice cream and the warmth of your breath is more stimulating.


We live surrounded by eroticism but we need to open our eyes. We shall recover the pleasure of imagination.

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