Male masseur Madrid


Masseur Marco

Our attractive and arousing male masseur is Spanish, blond with a spectacular athletic body; intense and elegant.

Master of the body; do not miss the opportunity to enjoy his hands full of tenderness and between his strong arms you will reach intense and invigorating pleasure.

Let yourself be led by wisdom and passion. Know the body of men and women to perfection, knowing how to apply Tantric massage with professionalism and expertise, and a high dose of eroticism.

His athletic body allows him to perform the massage with great sensuality, easily sliding through all parts of your body, which will make you shake in a way never known before, reaching total delight.

His big eyes, manly beard and beautiful smile along with a sweet and seductive voice are irresistible to any man or woman that wants to live an unforgettable erotic experience.


Marco gay masseur Madrid


Male masseur for Women, Men and Couples

In his tantric massage for women, Marco will ensure at all times that the woman is comfortable and feels special from the first moment. Gently starts his massage and gradually increasing intensity, offering a massage with a high charge of eroticism combining techniques of Thai massage and body-to-body massage to finish with yoni massage: an irresistible combination for any woman.

When he performs massage for men, his m2m massages are one the most passionate and erotic, knowing how to provide all that pleasure that his customers want thanks to his magnificent Tantric techniques and his lingam massage.

Marco is also a highly recommended masseur for couples, as he knows how to accompany and lead the couple wherever they want, showing them which are the erogenous areas of the other and how to work with them to gradually increase pleasure, together discovering a new sexuality, a new world of unknown feelings that only a masseur of his category can display.

Marco also offers hotel massages to all those men or women who want to live this experience with her but do not have enough time to move to our massage center.

Our therapist Marco is a very popular masseur, and only works if you have an appointment, so we recommend calling in advance to make a reservation.


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