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Beautiful erotic masseuses in Madrid

Masseuses Madrid

In Amon Tantra & Sensual Care we have a team of erotic masseuses Madrid who are perfectly trained, since the art of massage is something serious enough to develop it knowing what we are doing.

In order to be a good therapist it is necessary, in the first place… To know very well the technique of massage. It is also essential to have knowledge of anatomy because the therapists must “see” the muscle under their hands and know the fibers, the origin and the insertion of the muscles.

It is also essential that therapists have an excellent physical shape. This will allow them to adopt different positions at the time of giving the massage… Which sometimes can only be performed if they have the necessary flexibility.

And of course you must have abilities and high sensibility in hands. The masseuses must have a sense of rhythm. Practice is essential to achieve this and give a quality massage.

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Diana erotic masseuse in Madrid
Spanish exuberant. Prohibited curves will provide a unique massage. Unravel the charms of this woman like fire burning on your skin.
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Emma erotic masseuse in Madrid
Seductive and explosive. Expert in dealing with distinguished male audience. Her massage will take you through a journey of warmth and passion.
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Tatiana tantra masseuse Madrid
Hot like fire. This beautiful Spanish with an all natural exuberant fisique, will take you on a journey of perdition.
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Lucia erotic masseuse Madrid
Sweet and delicate. Young masseuse spanish origin. Her tantric massage is the most distinguished of the city. You will feel in complete confidence from the outset.
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Eric male masseur Madrid
Sensual and charming. Young man with passionate hands, feels really intense. Lost yourself into his body and experience a massage you’ll never forget.
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Marco gay masseur Madrid
Intense and elegant. Master of the body, hands full of tenderness – wrap you in a sea of sensations. Be guided by the wisdom and passion.
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male masseur David in Madrid
Wild and attractive. Exclusive masseur for women. You will be lost in his body, melt in his hands.
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In the type of Erotic Massages that we perform in AMON Tantra Madrid, hygiene is essential. The therapists must have hands and the rest of the body completely clean and short nails, sanitizing before and after each session.

Both the therapist and the person who is to receive the massage must be free of any object and garments that may hamper direct contact of the hands or the body of the therapist on the person to treat.

Our erotic masseuses Madrid will always seek integral welfare of the other person. Since receiving a massage is a very intimate experience and a good therapist understands that the art of massage is both physical and emotional.

The therapists must also captivate their senses through relaxing music, aromatherapy fragrances and the oils used. As well as through the massage.

Since massage is an experience both physical and emotional… The therapist must be a person with a widevariety of personal, social and sensitive abilities. In addition to knowing the physical techniques of the profession.