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Tantric Massage in Madrid

tantric massage in madrid tantra senseEnjoy an incredible tantric massage in Madrid. The perfect balance between body and mind. It creates a relaxing connection between the massage therapist and the customer; from warm hands to soft skin, everything will merge into one, like Acis and Galatea*; and so our heart rhythm will grow into your soul and take you to another dimension. Something between tasty, sweet and delicate.

This tantric sensual massage starts with soft palm pressure all over the legs, back and gluteus… That will increasingly give you a relaxing and trusting feeling in your therapist.

Slowly, you will feel how this relaxing and sensitive massage will engage you into a magical dance with each other’s skin that will quickly raise your body temperature and sensitivity.

Before you realize, the physical approaching will lead you towards unknown places that you may have forgotten… Close to a climax that you will feel much more intense that usual.

Tantra Sense Massage 60′ 100€
Tantra Sense Outcall & Hotel Massage 60′ 180€

The treatment will finish off with a thorough massage in the feet to leave you recharged and renewed.

This tantric sensitive massage is purely passive so you shouldn’t interact during its length. Just sit back, relax and enjoy.

If you want another kind of erotic massage, maybe more intense, you probably should read more about our Tantra Nirvana Massage, which is really intense and interactive body-to-body massage. In this other massage you can touch and caress the body of your therapist during the session.

Come to visit us in Madrid, we are located in Barrio Salamanca. In AMON Tantra Massage Center you will find a comfortable place to have the best erotic experience.

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What is a Tantric massage?

Tantric massages have more than 5.000 years of history. Practiced in the Ancient East, this massage was used to relax organs as well as people’s mind, because its goal is to deactivate mind and release tension in the body to open a world where every touch counts, every sensation and every moment.

Sensations take over the thoughts. It is a useful massage to enhance sensory capacity. It is famous for its connection with sensuality and eroticism, but it goes way further.

tantric massage MadridThe basis of Tantra massage is that our thoughts are invaded with worries that disrupt our peace of mind.

Tantric sensual massage aims to disconnect these thoughts from the ability to feel. Once you manage to deactivate thoughts and focus on feeling, every sensation is discovered.

Massage allows eliminating stress and negativity accumulated and leads the person to a great feeling of peace.

Tantric massage understands that each person has a natural rhythm.

The first time may be difficult to relax and experience feelings; however, little by little these feelings change, relaxing and letting you be carried away… And those who have tried it say that when they reach this point, they have very pleasant feelings.

There are plenty of benefits that tantric oriental massage offers, but we want to highlight the extraordinary ability it has to relieve stress much suffered nowadays… And the feeling of well-being produced in our body when a large number of endorphins are released naturally. It also gives a regular heart rate which allows reducing blood pressure, and stimulates blood flow.

If you have never tried a Tantric erotic massage, do not hesitate! We assure it will be an experience that will delight and surprise you.