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Discover our Tantra Massages with double genital stimulation.

tantra massagesBecause Amon Tantra & Sensual Care loves to satisfy our clients, even the most daring, we have designed these special tantric massages where pleasure will remain from the beginning of the session to the end, with double genital stimulation. Do you dare?

It is the fullest massage with major erotic intensity on our list, because it is completely interactive with our therapists enjoying two genital stimulations: the first one at the beginning of the session, the second one at the end, this way reaching absolute ecstasy. You can also taste various massage techniques: Tantra, Thai, body-to-body. Connection with the therapist is total and eroticism is sublime. It is definitely a unique experience.

You will enjoy a waterfall of pleasure at your own pace.. You will lose sight of the world for a while and can change your perspective of welfare. After our Heaven Tantra Massages provided by the best therapists in Madrid, you will never try something similar.

Tantra Massage Heaven 60′ 200€
Tantra Massage Heaven 90′ 300€
Tantra Massage Heaven 120′ 400€

You can choose between the classic version, no thong; and the naturist version:

Heaven Nature Massage 60′ 250€
Heaven Nature Massage 90′ 350€
Heaven Nature Massage 120′ 450€

Price list for our Heaven and Heaven Nature massages at your hotel room:

Tantra Heaven Outcall & Hotel Massage 60′ 300€
Tantra Heaven Outcall & Hotel Massage 90′ 420€
Tantra Heaven Outcall & Hotel Massage 120′ 540€
Heaven Nature Outcall & Hotel Massage 60′ 350€
Heaven Nature Outcall & Hotel Massage 90′ 470€
Heaven Nature Outcall & Hotel Massage 120′ 590€

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Tantra massages, the arte of conscious touching

Many cultures recognize the potential of what sometimes is called “laying on of hands”. In Tantratouching is one of the main sources to awaken and redirect energy… And is used in all its varieties on high level of consciousness. Containing several aspects, one of them is sensitivity after touching another person.

Tantra considers that hands do not end at the tip of the fingers… And its influence does not end at the surface of skin. Our bodies contain a lot of energy, understood as the sense of “vital strength” that emanates while the body has life expressing in an energy field and penetrates the body. Tantric know that energy flow can be stimulated and redirected consciously. When you touch other people, you deeply connect with their energy level.

tantra massages MadridWays of touching in Tantra

Tantric discipline recognizes many ways of touching. Tantric touch is made by “current energy”. One of those ways would be static touch where both hands are placed on the other person without moving.

While the hands stay still, energy on the right hand is consciously directed towards and through the other person. Then consciously accepted with the left hand. It could be considered as a game of throwing and catching energy.

Another way would be moving touch, which is the most worked in AMON Tantra through our Tantra erotic massages. Moving touch travels with short or long frictions through the skin or in specific patterns (circles, spirals, triangles, crosses…). Including a kneading touch in certain body parts.

Touching can be also named “kissing with hands” and similar techniques are applied in both cases. The person needs to be touched all over the body… Focusing on the front and back part of the seven Chakra centers. Seven levels of speed and pressure are used, from the slowest and lightest to the fastest and strongest. Frictions and the different ways of touching alternate.

Amon Tantra & Sensual Care specializes in the science of Tantra sensual massages, for them we have a large number of massages where pressures, stimulations and sensations vary so that all our customers are satisfied with the experience they need every moment. Learn: how to massage your partner.