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Tantra massage Madrid

masaje tantra en madrid nirvanaThe intensity of this Tantra Massage increases and the stimulation of the erogenous zones gets more evident… As the excitement rises to unsuspected levels.

During the treatment, relaxation comes from pressure from both hands and knees, playing with the contact between the two bodies.

Techniques here are much more elaborated and sensual too. For what you will experience an incredible link of pleasure with your therapist.

Two bodies together into one same feeling, two souls traveling together to the heaven of Tantra.

In addition, this tantra VIP massage is an interactive experience. So you could touch your massage therapist, who will always guide you for better results in the Tantric experience. Climax product of this specific type of massage is more intense than Tanta Sense so you will feel the energy you are getting from it is highly erogenous and will help you reach the next level, Tantra Nirvana.

Tantra Massage Nirvana 60′ 150€
Tantra Massage Nirvana 90′ 225€
Tantra Massage Nirvana 120′ 300€
Tantra Nirvana Outcall & Hotel Massage 60′ 240€
Tantra Nirvana Outcall & Hotel Massage 90′ 350€
Tantra Nirvana Outcall & Hotel Massage 120′ 460€

This erotic sensual massage will end with an intensive face-head massage… That will leave you in a long-lasting peace with your body and soul.

Come to visit us in Madrid, we are located in Barrio Salamanca. In AMON Tantra you will find a comfortable place to have the best erotic experience.

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How is our Tantra Massage?

For all the people who are part of AMON team, we think of our tantric massage as acts of love… To share feelings, energy, the affection we all need.

Tantra sensitive massage is a caress that you choose to give or receive depending on the needs each person has… But it heals, nourishes and stimulates in any case.

Tantra sensual massage is a dance of energy, a dance of love.

The Egyptians, Indians, Japanese and Chinese have known the power of massage for over three thousand years, so much that they are basis of their traditional medicine. Obviously, the Western world cannot allow to ignore this valuable legacy.

For this reason, we believe it is convenient that all our massages become a part of the tantra tradition.


Tantra erotic massage in Madrid

Tantra relaxing massage becomes an art when any of our tantric therapists is able to express with sensitivity and consciousness. In order to achieve this, according to Tantric conception,… It is important to let your touch discover what it needs to discover, no demands or expectations of any kind.

Our Western mind is basically compulsive and as a consequence, part of our life is a series of goals that must be reached so we can achieve satisfaction with our partner. Therefore, it is necessary to change the starting point to enjoy everything Tantra offers.
tantra massage Madrid
This change consists in something simple as not paying attention to previous goals, on the contrary: enjoy every step of the process. In addition, there is no need to be part of some specific doctrine or to do any kind of rite to enjoy the great benefit of Tantrism. On the contrary, you just need to have some disposition, open your mind, get rid of prejudice and let things flow to enjoy new horizons, with no other goal but to search peace and to perceive the variety of feelings our body offers.


Tantra sensual massage: how to feel pleasure without sex

Many of us have been fortunate, and have experienced moments while in love, where boundaries are forgotten and we unite becoming one with our partner and the rest of the universe. Unfortunately, these moments are shortly lived. The main goal in Tantra is to elevate and prolong these magical connectionsTantra surpasses the the cult of sex. It is an ancient tradition that is transmitted through symbols and a mystical person. It is an intuitive, spiritual and rational approach towards a real potential.

Tantra erotic massage, is a technique that will charge you with sexual energy before an encounter with your partner. For those Tantra followers it is necessary and an obligation to savor this moment, beginning with the caressing and stoking gently, ankles and legs to slowly and gradually but sensually advance towards the stomach, waist, chest, arms, hands, face and back without touching the genitals.

These massage techniques follow the path of the principal energetic spots and point to feel more stimulated than ever and achieve an optimal preliminary state of excitation. As the massage progresses, the person that receives the massage can feel the energy flowing through the body and gradually grow and enhance its intensity, flooding the body with a sense of physical well being that will allow them to relax mentally and feel better and enable them to experiment the meditative part of the massage.

Being highly excited, vital energy flows through the web of those meridians towards the genitals without the necessity of being directly stimulated. This way, after a Tantric massage, the need to finish in an orgasm, although not the final goal in Tantra, but when reached it is of a greater intensity than usual.