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Naturist massage Madrid

erotic massage Madrid
In a naturist massage, pleasure is achieved in different ways if the therapist knows how to apply the appropriate massage techniques and locates erogenous areas. That is why body-to-body contact with no obstacles for skin touch is a very important factor to consider.

Our Nature Erotic Massage is based on this. Our therapist totally naked sliding down your body also totally naked, allowing erotic dance by the therapist to carry you away. Body nudity is attractive, stimulates our sight and the other senses. For this reason, we have included nudity where our therapists will demonstrate their skills.

Unlike partial nudity, this is a state of total nudity, without clothes or any kind of cover in the most intimate parts of the body. Through the naked body, our therapists will transform the massage session into an authentic show of sensuality, into a beautiful dance of the body. They have amazing erotic creativity and skills to mover their body that turns this Nature Erotic Massage into an unforgettable experience.

Thanks to this new idea of including holistic nudity in our massages. It is possible for you to increase the pleasures of sight, touch…

An experience that will allow the receiver to expand limits of pleasure and strengthen virtues in eroticism.

Tantra Nature Massage 60′ 200€
Tantra Nature Massage 90′ 300€
Tantra Nature Massage 120′ 400€
Tantra Nature Outcall & Hotel Massage 60′ 300€
Tantra Nature Outcall & Hotel Massage 90′ 420€
Tantra Nature Outcall & Hotel Massage 120′ 540€

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Naturist massage : the art of caressing

The word massage comes from many roots leading to a clear purpose, which is to provide physical contact between two people, such as the Hebrew word –massech- which means to touch or feel.

In naturist massage, body contact between two people is very important… Especially slowing down and carefully touching his or her erogenous area. It seeks to awaken senses by creating an ideal preamble for sexual intercourse… Increasing the level of hormones that lead to arousal as well as other sexual games.

In Amon Tantra, we give you some basic recommendations to perform an erotic massage in case you have never done it before.

Keys for a good naked massage:

  1. It is important to create an atmosphere of tranquility, full relaxation and comfort to slowly release physically and emotionally.
  2. Slide your hands over the body of your partner (or the person who will receive the massage). Gently pressing with the tip of your fingers, caressing like dancing on his or her body.
  3. Then you can massage his or her shoulders and the back of the neck, which will help to reduce stress.
  4. Slide your hands down to the waist and then move to the back… Moving your thumbs on both sides of the spine. Place yourself at the height of the knees, go through the inner part of his or her thighs until you reach the buttocks, and massage gently.
  5. Go down to the calves and massage with circular movements, this will favor the enthusiasm of your partner. Feet are a part of the body where stress accumulates… So you will need to perform a gentle massage all over the sole of the feet.
  6. You can alternate massage on many parts of the body… But be extra careful and try to mainly stimulate the lips, earlobes, breast and the pubic triangle, where caressing must be steady without forgetting delicacy.


naturist massage Madrid
Erotic naturist massage is a more extreme and closer intimacy; it is tender, prolonged, sensual, and passionate. Another person sliding his or her hands all over your body without reaching sex immediately opens your mind in a spectacular way of incomparable seduction, imposing ecstasy before concluding in a sexual relationship full of arousal, emotion and longing.

Naked massage impregnates the other person with pleasant caresses that give a great feeling of well-being, excitement, and full of sensuality.


Effects of erotic sensual massage

  • The couple increases their desire for sex, stimulating erogenous areas to reach one or more orgasms. (10 Tips to increase sex desire)
  • It provides creativity for intercourse. In order to avoid monotony and fill the relationship with romantic ideas that will bring good sex.
  • It improves blood flow in the area where the massage was applied. Which helps the skin and other parts of the body to be more receptive to stimuli.
  • It relaxes and allows reducing stress in order to live an exciting intimate moment.
  • It arouses and prepares the couple for a sexual encounter, as the erotic sensual massage is a prolonged stimulus