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Massage whip Madrid

A massage whip that goes beyond, combining the work of short whip and manila bamboo whip. The most pleasant pain…

whip massage in MadridWith this special massage, besides all the eroticism and pleasure we get from the most intense body-to-body let us tease you with this special manila whip to enjoy pleasure-pain. A light burning with a small touch of pain, manila whip is the perfect accessory for delicate games in the most intimate parts. Always thinking about increasing pleasure and never making this instrument something unpleasant for you.

According to some sexologists, sexual flogging may have another origin that goes beyond sadomasochistic practices, especially progressive initiation through permitted eroticism.

All body stimulation can be arousing under one condition: the game should be done with consent and pleasure for both parties.

With our Tantra massage whip, after achieving a high level of arousal using erotic massage and the whip gently through the whole body, starting in the calf and up with method and rhythm. The use of the whip and caressing are combined in different body areas including the genitals, achieving sensations never experienced before.

In Amon Tantra & Sensual Care we practice this massage, always with respect and optimum levels previously agreed with customers because we want you to enjoy this great experience.

Do you dare?

Tantra Massage Whip Manila 60′ 250€
Tantra Massage Whip Manila 90′ 370€
Tantra Massage Whip Manila 120′ 490€

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Why use a whip?

We have all watched a movie some time… Stories where whipping gives a touch of dominance and “forbidden fruit” for sex. While it allows us to play with a very erogenous area such as the buttocks. In Amon Tantra & Sensual Care we like applying the use of a whip in a very soft and playful way, so the experience is more pleasant for all those people who wish to try it.

The erotic use of the whip for spanking and its erotic appeal is related to the roles involved. The person whipping is usually dominant, and the whipped person is submissive.

But, how is it sexually attractive?

  • massage whip madridDomination. The use of the whip for sexual domination can be extremely erotic. In this game, the flogger gives orders and they must be fulfilled by the submissive person.
  • The buttocks. We cannot forget that we are stimulating an erogenous area, and it is thick enough to resist the impacts.
  • Blood flow. The hits caused by the whip make the area turn red and receive more blood, becoming more sensitive as well. This way, the sensibility of caressing is lost, but the feeling caused when the area has “heated” is very erotic.
  • Vibrations. When being whipped, vibration between the legs and the genital area is produced. It is very exciting.
  • Forbidden. It is a sexual practice out of the ordinary and acceptable, which provokes arousal to enjoy something “forbidden”.

As in all sex games, the use of the whip must be agreed by both people. It is important to talk about it first because you cannot surprise the person that way… You need to know all the information regarding how to whip and of course, establish limits that must never be exceeded.

This way we assure that you can enjoy this experience to the fullest.