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Tantra Express Massage

Enjoy an incredible 30 minutes Express Massage in Madrid!

express massage in MadridPerhaps your obligations do not allow you to disconnect more than half an hour, in Amon Tantra & Sensual Care we are able to stop time and turn it into magic, into a real gift for your body and senses because we will provide mental rest, muscle relaxation and stress relief, improving vitality, mood and energy.

Our express tantra massage is a delicious massage with oils, body-to-body starting with hands and slowly introducing arms, legs, chest and buttocks, which makes this massage, despite its shortness, erotically intense helping you reach supreme levels of pleasure.

With our tantra express massage we want to improve the quality of life of people with short time and those who deserve to enjoy the best experience that erotic world offers to make your day a lot better. Sometimes, the need of a quick session is stronger than deep satisfaction you can get from a long massage session.

There are different situations that require different solutions. The purpose of our express erotic massage is to adapt to your needs and conditions.

If you have short time, do not let go the opportunity to live a great experience for the best price!

Express Sense Massage 30′ 60€ more info
Express Nirvana Massage 30′ 90€ more info
Express Nature Massage 30′ 120€ more info
All of our express massage are exclusively receptive. If you want to enjoy an interactive and mutual massage, you can choose any of our one hour massages, Nirvana or higher.

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In those days where we end up very exhausted, stressed, with pain all over our body, mentally tired… There is nothing better than a good massage!

But… what is a massage?

It is a way of rediscovering your body, it is physical contact with movement and special caresses to help another person relax, heal, drain or simply share emotions. Through massage we can learn about the emotional state of a person, whether he or she has problems or is stressed, and massage can help alleviate discomfort.

We all like to receive a good massage, whether it is applied on the head, around the neck, the back, legs or feet, and if it can also stimulate erogenous areas then total relaxation is fulfilled. But relaxation is not the only benefit we get from massage but also offers many other less known advantages.

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Benefits of massage

All those people who usually receive massage can improve immunity, reduce headaches and have a better skin appearance… Among other great benefits. It helps to improve sleep as it increases delta waves of the brain, which are related to deep sleep.

Massage also helps to fight anxiety and depression because it reduces the levels of a hormone called cortisol. Which is released in response to stress. Therefore it raises one’s spirit. Also when massage is applied serotonin is stimulated, which helps to fight depression.

Everyone knows very well that massages relax muscles and release tension accumulated every day due to physical exertion, emotional tension, bad posture… Which we all suffer at some point.

Massages are the best solution to fight these pains, especially for all those who suffer from migraine or severe headaches. Don’t think twice, take care of your organism, take care of your mind, pamper yourself… And live the great benefits of massage!