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massage using erotic toys in madrid

Erotic toys massage Madrid

An incredible Tantric massage combined with Steel erotic toys for a unique game of cold and heat. You will shake!

tantric massage in madridWith our Tantra Steel massage we want you to reach Nirvana by mixing the pleasure of erotic massage… And various toys that help discover a new sexuality, to identify erogenous areas that drive us crazy. Enjoy body experience after combining the massage and our toys.

Luxury also comes with eroticism because in Amon Tantra & Sensual Care we have toys made with the best surgical Steel materials in order to have surprising feelings.

This massage offers to get you out of sexual monotony, it will give diversity to experiment different feelings in your body, keep passion, making eroticism something interesting, innovative and very pleasant. In the moment we open new doors in our sexuality we discover a new world that hooks us where we want to keep experimenting and enjoying everything erotic world offers.

These toys have several benefits for sexual health either individually or in pairs. They can be an excellent way to increase arousal, to make sex experience more fun avoiding monotony.

Give excitement to your sex life, try our Tantra Steel massage. You will definitely be hooked.

Tantra Massage Steel 60′ 250€
Tantra Massage Steel 90′ 370€
Tantra Massage Steel 120′ 490€

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Erotic toys

Introducing erotic toys in a relationship can be a really interesting way to create a deeper level of intimacy between the couple, in addition to innovating and breathing fresh air in their sexual activity, which can turn into a routine over time. Sex toys will help to discover new feelings, new pleasures so far unknown. When a couple is prepared to share this, they will have a more fulfilling sex life, something very beneficial to life as a couple.

If you also use erotic sexual toys during a good erotic massage with your partner, the feelings you can get will multiply. In many cases we do not know how to perform a good erotic sexy massage, but if we introduce some erotic toys such as flavor gels that help sliding during erotic toy massage; erotic candles, vibrators or erotic massagers in different shapes and sizes, then they can be really helpful to increase arousal and pleasure with your partner, thus enhance imagination and sexuality.

For some professional sexologists, both erotic massages and erotic sex toys are based on good communication with your partner and searching for common interests, and that is when you find the space for creativity for your relationship, avoiding monotony.

Here are a number of the most popular erotic toys:

  • Stroker. This erotic toy is essentially for male masturbation. It is an excellent toy that can be easily used with your couple. Basically, it is used moving it up and down along the penis, which greatly arouses men. This erotic toy is recommended to use with a water-based lubricant. Since this way it will increase sensibility and will avoid problems caused by friction.
  • Vibrating cock ring. These rings restrict blood flow to the penis, helping it to maintain erection both in endurance and hardness. Rings are erotic toys for women since they have a bump with nodes that stimulate the clitoris during sex. The intensity of vibration of both the ring and the clitoris stimulator can be controlled by a control knob that increases pleasure for both parties.
  • Dildos. It is the favorite erotic toy for women, as it has a similar shape to the penis. It can be found in different materials such as latex, wood, silicone, metal, etc. It is used for anal and vaginal penetration. Lubricants can be used for better sliding.
  • Oils and feathers. They are essential to preambles and to perform a good erotic massage. Because they arouse the erogenous areas while relaxing the body. Some kits contain candles, incense and other accessories.

Thanks to the alternatives such as erotic sensual massages and sex toys… You will surely reactivate passion with your partner and you will end sexual routine!