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Erotic Massage Madrid

massage madrid AMON Tantra Fetiche is a very special massage Madrid… A unique treatment that takes place in the Parisian room of our centre.

In this massage, feet work gets a special importance along with the body to body technique (as described above). Find out how an area many times forgotten in treatments and massage therapies can help you get the same pleasure that can be obtain through a common hand massage.

This treatment is only for the brave ones, those who want to explore and expand their knowledge about different world techniques. After laying down during the first part of the massage, you will experience an epic final full of erotic pleasure standing up with your therapist, who will perform an elegant aerial body to body practice.

Tantra Fetiche Massage 75′ 300€
Tantra Fetiche Massage 100′ 395€
Tantra Fetiche Massage 120′ 490€

A rare massage, never seen before because of its technical difficulty, that you won’t regret after trying it.

Enjoy this or other tantric massages in AMON Tantra Center in Madrid. We’re sure than we can offer you the best erotic service in town. Incredible masseuses that realize a professional work using body-to-body techniques.

If you have any questions or doubts about erotic massages, feel free to ask them calling us. Or sending an e-mail to: info@amontantra.com


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Erotic Massage in Madrid

For Amon Tantra & Sensual Care, erotic massage is an art, and we want to offer our clients different and innovative massages that will be a big surprise, and make you experience new feelings, which make our center the best erotic massage center in Madrid. We have a great team of experienced therapists in multiple erotic massage techniques… And equipment to provide a wide range of massages, such as fetish, with which you may find pleasure through your senses.

erotic massage in madridIn our Parisian room we have all the means to offer you one of the best erotic massages in Madrid,… Our fetish massage, where our therapists will surprise you with an exquisite air massage as you have never experienced before.

There is no doubt that our erotic massage Madrid is one of the most sensual experiences… And a very relaxing way to enjoy yourself. To discover new erotic feelings and live an intense and wonderful experience. With our erotic massages we open the body, the mind and emotions in a way that sexual energy circulates throughout the body.

Skin-to-skin contact is essential for communication. Soft and delicate caressing can communicate very intense feelings, we feel connected and it is exciting when we experience that desire and willingness to deliver pleasure from the therapist through his or her erotic massage.

For this reason, the erotic massages we offer at Amon Tantra & Sensual Care are so efficient, pleasant, surprising and intense. Our erotic massages in Madrid will help you heal, since they generate great welfare… Helping the body to alleviate stress and relax the muscles, always experiencing amazing pleasure.

Whatever your needs are, you can find the best erotic massage Madrid by visiting our center in Barrio de Salamanca. Dare to live a unique erotic experience.