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Erotic Massages Madrid

Through our erotic massages in Madrid it might occur what it is called Celestial Soul or Awakening of the Flame that awaits. Our erotic massages are an explosion of sensations that will take us to a world of wonderful tantric energy through the self-awareness of the body to end up in a sensual sea that will whisper us into a lovely and tender dream…

These massages combine Thai body-to-body techniques with tantra erotic massage. Absolutely all areas of your body will be worked and treated equally. We see the human body as a whole, a light source, soul, pleasure …

In all of our erotic relax massages, we operate at three levels. First, working on the muscles. Releasing tension from the body to make you feel comfortable with your therapist in order to begin the more erotic state.

The second level would consist of pleasure and knowledge of the body through soft and delicate landslides. As massage intensity grows and progresses to the level of the erogenous zones through different points of stimulation of body and genital reflexology.

With this massage you will increase your knowledge about sexuality and develop perception skills and physical and spiritual stimulation.

Discover the most erotic massage, (click on the name of the massage to access more information or continue reading below). You can also request more information by phone on +34912986955 or mobile number  +34610327765. Or send an e -mail.

Our Erotic Massage Menu

duration price
Tantra Express. A half an hour hot body to body massage. Non interactive. Maximum relaxation in minimum time. 30′ 60€
Tantra Sense. A sensual massage, non interactive. Given with techniques using arms and legs to give the massage, very sensitive. 60′ 100€
Tantra Nirvana. A mutual massage with an intense body to body massage. You can caress the masseuse while she employs the massage with her body all over yours. 60′ 150€
Tantra Heaven. For those who are more daring, this massage starts the same way it finishes, with double the pleasure. Double genital stimulation. 60′ 200€
Tantra Nature. Our more intense body to body massage with a naturist twist to this tantric massage. A fierce massage full of charm. 60′ 200€
4 Hands Massage. Only for those who dare to take on two of our beautiful masseuse, a very intense 4 hands massage. 60′ 300€
Tantra Manila. A massage that goes just a little bit further, combining the use of a short whip and Manila Bamboo whip. The most pleasurable pain. 60′ 250€
Tantra Steel. For an incredible tantric massage combining erotic toys made of steel and a sensation of hot and cold that will thrill you. 60′ 250€
Tantra Fetiche. The never seen before in Tantra massage. A exquisite foot massage for those who might have a fetish and an incredible aerial body to body massage. 75′ 300€
Tantra Bondage. The best submissive massage. Erotic bondage and a combination of our spiciest massage techniques are given in this massage. 75′ 300€

Amon Tantra & Sensual Care massage parlor In Madrid

Erotic VIP massages and its benefits

Sexuality, as is, is much more than having a good time or reproducing. It is also a way of self awareness, personal growth and expansion of the conscience. That is what tantra phiolosophy is all about, and this philosophy is what reigns in our erotic sensitive massages.

To have a better understanding, first we should learn about Tantra, a millennial discipline, which means “ expansion through the conscious”. It is a spiritual technique that involves very specific praxis, such as, the use of breath, sounds, movements and symbols to help silence the mind and activate sexual energy.

Practicing tantra comes from ancient traditions, very common in India, Nepal, and China. At first this practise was limited to royalty but little by little it expanded to all.  The goal, in tantra, is the integration of the person in a pure conscience  state. The vehicle used to travel this path is pure energy.

erotic massage in Madrid

Benefits to practising tantra through erotic massages

  • expands your capacity to love
  • helps to recuperate your health
  • is a fountain of youth
  • builds self-esteem in both men and women
  • helps to achieve real satisfaction during sex
  • aliviates anxiety and depression
  • heightens sex
  • prolongs sex
  • enriches sex with your partner
  • heals open wounds from the past

Erotic Massages, a great recipe for happiness

A series of positive factors are achieved for the organism through erotic massage, in addition to sexual excitation and pleasure. On the first hand, levels of stress can be reduced, applying different techniques, diminishing tensions, inducing relaxation and alleviating anxiety. These pleasurable sensations that are achieved enhance serotonin levels in the organism… Soothing common day symptoms such as anxiety and depression. This is to say, that it helps us to relax and fell better.

On the other hand, thanks to erotic tantra massages, we can reduce blood pressure. Improving circulation throughout the entire body, including the genital area. Solving many problems of this nature, that so many people suffer now a days.

erotic massages madrid

Erotic Massage in Madrid

We believe in the great power generated in the sexuality of men and women thanks to our erotic massages. In fact, Tantric massage is based on the belief that if you are sexually happy and relaxed… You will be healthier!

Generally, the goal of a massage is to eliminate muscle tension. To readjust an unbalanced body due to physical, psychological or social effort. But an erotic massage tries to unblock certain energetic points to emerge the desire of going further seeking for pleasure.

In the erotic sensual massages we practice at Amon Tantra, working the body holistically on nerve endings of the skin because human body offers an amazing amount of sensitive and erogenous spots, which worked properly, can result in a unique and unforgettable massage.

Do not be afraid of going through the world of erotic massage, let your imagination and fantasies fly. Take the chance and break the routine by enjoying any of our exciting massages. Live this experience!

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