Erotic Massage Oils

Importance of the Erotic Massage Oils

It is clear that the goal to be achieved through Erotic Massage Oils is to induce the person receiving the massage in to a state of pure ecstasy.


You can give the massage with dry hands, but adding, as a factor oil, will make your movements softer and more pleasurable.


It is precisely for this reason why here at AMON we have developed, with the help of our aromatherapy studies, essential oils to apply them at the right time and in the right way in each of our massages.


Considering that not all oils are the same and are used differently depending on there composition and there different properties.


All of the oils we use in erotic massages help lead to excitation, and if we add to that, the different techniques that we use here at the center, then you will experiment a stimulating and erotic experience like never before.


Erotic massage oils

How do Erotic Massage Oils help stimulate libido?

Scientifically, the aroma inhaled reaches the limbic system, having an influence on the bodies system and the emotional responses to a determined stimulus, becoming the cause to a chain of positive responses.


The aphrodisiacal oils used in erotic massages work with their capacity to elevate the bodies temperature and electrical frequency through their warm and rich aromas.


Once the body has reached the ideal temperature, this is when the stimulating properties of the essential oils start to work.


Amongst the main oils used, known for its aphrodisiacal powers are: jasmine, rose oil, patchouli, nutmeg, clove, neroli, vanilla and ylang ylang. Enjoy our Erotic Massage Oils from our Massage Menu.


use of erotic massage oils in tantra massages


What characteristics do the Erotic Massage Oils have?

As we have just mentioned, there are many really efficient oils for the best erotic massages due to the aphrodisiac potential that they provide. We are going to detail whatcharacterizes some of the most commonly used oils:


  • Rose Oils: Rose is the flower of romanticism and eroticism par excellence. Its aroma is delicate and has a powerful seductive effect in those who perceive it and is one of the best options to give an erotic massage. In the past, in Egypt, women took milk baths with rose petals because of the benefits they had on their skin, since in addition to the sensual effect of the aroma it contributes to softer and silky skin.
  • Vanilla Oil: This oil is one of the great aphrodisiacs because thanks to its aroma it is able to arouse sexual desire and increase libido. They have a sweet and warm fragrance but penetrating at the same time, ideal for flavoring stays and create a sensual atmosphere.
  • Cinnamon Oil: the delicious aroma of cinnamon has made it a perfect ingredient to create very stimulant essential oils. It has a sweet aroma full of nuances that favor body relaxation and exerts a great effect on a physical and emotional level, which manages to arouse sexual desire and the desire to experience and feel a lot of pleasure.


erotic massage oils and its use


  • Patchouli: Its aphrodisiac power is widely used in the world of aromatherapy, since it helps to arouse the sensual part of each person. The aroma of this oil encourages to desire and sexual arousal.
  • Ylang-Ylang: This exotic Oriental oil has the ability to energize the body and intensify sexual desire; its fragrance promotes desire, relieves anxiety, and stimulates the physical, mental and sexual level… Therefore awakens emotional feelings between the couple.


When trying this type of essential oils, magnificent effects occur, since they are a great tool to stimulate the brain, helping to increase sexual desire, release stress and be ready for pleasure.

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