Delicate Sex Positions

Very delicate sex positions

¿Did you know about this Delicate Sex Positions?


Having sex is definitely fun, and the experience with new games and positions is highly recommended to avoid routines and boredom in intimacy between couples.


You must be careful, since trying new ways of making love can have bad consequences for your health. Be careful with positions as they may cause uncomfortable contractures and even bruises.


According to experts, you must control danger in the angle of penetration, as well as the weight on the penis. There are usual practices that can risk erection and lead to painful cracks that will result in a break of the penis.


very delicate sex positions

Be extra careful with this Delicate Sex Positions:


  • Vigorous masturbation. If masturbation is performed by the man himself then there is not a problem, since he is controlling the movements in case he feels pain. But when someone else performs it, things change. Many men claim to have suffered damages when being masturbated by his partner, who cannot control force during friction, even causing fractures of the penis.
  • Breasts. No one would say that using breasts, which are soft and plump in different ways, and have an important role during sex between couples, can be really dangerous for the penis. Some sexologists explain that fractures of the penis have been caused when masturbating with breasts, when introducing the penis between them to friction.
  • When the woman is on top of the man. It is a very dangerous position for men when a woman rides him, since all her weight falls on the male genitals, which may produce crushing or fracture in case of performing inappropriate sudden movements. Sometimes, the woman is not sufficiently lubricated and if she puts too much pressure on the penis, it can get trapped in the pubic bone where ligament can be bent. It is a more common accident than people think.
  • Doggystyle. This famous position is considered the second most dangerous position for penis fractures. It often happens when penetrating a woman from behind and men mistakenly introducing it in the anus, and when not prepared in addition to low lubrication the genitals may be hurt and the women feel great pain. Forced penetration from a wrong angle in this position may cause vaginal tears.


So, experimenting and innovating is allowed but always safely and pleasant for both.

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