Brahma Massage

tantric couple massage in Madrid

Tantric Couple Massage Madrid

Enjoy our Tantric Couple Massage with one therapist. The Holy Trinity ; Brahma – Vishnu – Shiva; Brahma is the God of Creation in its passionate sense.

There is no need to question how pleasant is it to receive a massage, yet we would like to show you how enjoyable is it to give as well.

In this tantric couple massage, you have the absolute freedom to decide how you want to happen massage: more sensitive or more sensual and erotic and intense.

You can also see the option to realize yourselves massage half equally, or give the massage to your partner and remain as spectator of the most beautiful film.

Enjoy this tantric couple massage in AMON, Erotic Massage Center in Madrid.

Tantra Brahma Massage 60′ 190€
Tantra Brahma Massage 90′ 290€
Tantra Brahma Massage 120′ 390€
Tantra Brahma Outcall & Hotel Massage 60′ 300€
Tantra Brahma Outcall & Hotel Massage 90′ 420€
Tantra Brahma Outcall & Hotel Massage 120′ 540€

Through this Tantric Couple Massage, improve communication with your partner at the same sexual relationships. Also awakens fantasies to share between them and increases the frequency of sexual desire.

Not only are sexual benefits also relax and calm the nervous system, reduce stress and improve blood circulation.

If you want to experience an erotic massage together you are on the right place, look for professionally services in our massage center in Madrid. Pleasure guaranteed.

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12 tips to practice Tantra for couples

We offer a series of tips and guidelines that will benefit all those who wish to practice Tantra for Couples. We recommend that you read carefully before starting a session:

  1. tantric couple massage techniquesIt is necessary to focus on the exchange of energy rather than the orgasm. Be vulnerable in love and do not try to possess your partner.
  2. Practice the exchange of love and energy with your partner often.
  3. If you and your partner are too tired for this exchange, try it anyway, because it is just when you most need it.
  4. Learn how to talk with your partner in a conscious way without taboos or feelings of guilt.
  5. Always keep in mind that there is nothing as important as your love, harmony and connection as a couple.
  6. For men, it is better not to ejaculate at least one every four times and always keep body contact with your partner after an orgasm.
  7. Tantra is an art; it improves with time and practice.
  8. Go slowly, enjoy the dance of love, make meditation out of sexual love and use the moment of orgasm to calm and strengthen one another.
  9. Be aware of your hands; make every caress and massage be conscious.
  10. It is as important to receive as it is to give, so make sure both are doing it.
  11. Tantra considers the body to be the temple of the spirit. It is our sacred responsibility to treat it well. Tantric companionship is a common adventure.
  12. Remember that tantric techniques are means to take you on a spiritual journey to your particular sky.