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Erotic Couple Massage Madrid

Enjoy our incredible Erotic Couple Massage in Madrid. Vishnu is the Conservative God, in its graciousness sense.

AMON offers you an erotic couple massage, intense and interactive. Very similar to our individual massage Tantra Nirvana, this massage could be defined as an intense and interactive.

Intense, because it works with the whole body through the art body-to-body, massage therapists perform it with their hands, arms, chest, abdomen, legs and feet …

Interactive, since you can caress masseurs body during massage as you feel comfortable.

Enjoy this erotic couple massage at our center in Madrid AMON Tantra.

Made with two masseuses, boy and girl, or two female masseuses, both receive a sequence of intense erotic massage performed perfectly. We know that couples require special treatment, so that the techniques used are very subtle and elaborate so that no time may be able to FEEL uncomfortable.

AMON Vishnu gives you a pleasant experience to share together through love.

Among the benefits of this massage partner, we can find: sex enhancement and partner communication, increased frequency of sex, reducing stress, stimulating the senses and improves blood circulation.

Visit our Erotic & Tantra Center in Madrid to get your couple massage!

Tantra Vishnu Massage 60′ 330€
Tantra Vishnu Massage 90′ 500€
Tantra Vishnu Massage 120′ 670€
Tantra Vishnu Outcall & Hotel Massage 60′ 400€
Tantra Vishnu Outcall & Hotel Massage 90′ 550€
Tantra Vishnu Outcall & Hotel Massage 120′ 700€

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Tips for a good Erotic Couple Massage

Erotic Couple Massage is an extraordinary way for intimate moments to reconnect with your partner, to awaken senses through a perfect preamble to sexual relationships, increasing hormone levels that stimulate the situation.

They represent a more extreme and closer intimacy, affectionate, extended, sensual, erotic and passionate.

Being touched by your partner without reaching sex immediately opens your mind in a spectacular way of incomparable seduction that imposes ecstasy and later conclude in a sexual relationship full of arousal, excitement, emotion and yearning…
The techniques that we recommend at the time of performing an erotic massage for couples look for two contradictory effects: to relax and excite at the same time. It is good to start with the feet and go throughout the whole body until the head is reached, making sure to give massage with medium intensity, as it must never hurt but should always be noticed.


Steps for a Couple Massage

erotic couple massage in Madrid CenterErotic massage must be taken in an orderly way, and for this purpose we recommend the following:
First, it starts with one foot and then moves to the other, going to the right leg and then move to the left leg after you are done. Then we will continue with buttock massage.

The back can be caressed starting in the lower part or dividing the backbone in two and caressing one of the sides first.
With the arms it would be the same way as with the legs, never forgetting the palm of the hands and applying gentle pressures.
At last, we move on to the genital area, applying caresses and soft massage without masturbating, although it can end in it.
Since what we are looking for in erotic massage is to sexually stimulate the couple, we must make sure to pay special attention to the erogenous areas, as these contain more nerve endings than other parts of the body.


Erogenous Spots Massage

We will now mention these special spots that you must not forget to caress:

  • Feet. Use rubbing and friction, it is highly exciting.
  • Ankles. Use circular movements around the bones on each side.
  • Groin. Use rubbing, friction, kneading and percussions. It is a very sensitive area.
  • Buttocks. Kneading this area will give a pleasant feeling that will relieve stress.
  • Back. In this part you can last a bit longer if you wish, and because it is a larger area you may use all the techniques that we previously mentioned.
  • Hands. It is a very exciting area because it is full of nerve endings, as rubbing and friction will be very well accepted.
  • Neck and shoulders. rubbing and kneading will provide seduction for the couple, in addition to a feeling of well-being.
  • The area around the navel. it is a very sensitive area that becomes excitable when being touched.
    We recommend caressing with rubbings.
  • Forehead and lips. In these areas we suggest to use the fingertips since they are small and delicate and when touching with massage techniques they will awaken passion and imagination.
  • The scalp. Using small friction in this area will encourage sex
  • Genitals. This is the favourite erogenous area as its manipulation greatly stimulates sex. At the beginning try not to directly touch the clitoris or the glans, it is preferable that you first touch the rest of the body using soft rubbing and leave that part for the end.


Of course, in order to perform these massages we must create a suitable atmosphere with dim light, aphrodisiac aromas and stimulants, and if it is possible, sensual music that will accompany every movement during the massage; as well as appropriate oils so sliding is efficient and provides the feelings that we are looking for in both parties.