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Couple Massage Madrid

Enjoy an incredible relaxing Couple Massage in Madrid. Shiva is the most “humanitarian” among the Hindu Gods. It is represented as a phallic symbol – the lingam or symbol of Creation. Also known as the God of destruction, in its most ignorant sense.

Tantra Shiva is a couple massage with two masseuses, in which both hands, ascending to heaven itself will go over massage.

This couple massage, is an erotic-sensitive massage. From head to toe and working body to body techniques with the forearms and legs.

Choose two masseurs, you’ll play equal throughout the couple massage. They simultaneously work your whole body, balancing the vital energy, stimulating the senses and erogenous zones of the body and finally working through the genital reflexology for giving you a unique experience.

A perfect introduction to the world of tantric massages. According to our individual massage would be very similar to Tantra Sense massage.

Tantra Shiva Massage 60 220€

Is it a special occasion? Actually thinking of a present for your partner? Let us know and we will arrange a special pack for you. We like to take care of every single detail from the very start.

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Reconnect with her through Couple Massage

According to the parameters of the ancient art of Tantra, before being with your couple you must follow these instructions: take a deep breath, inhale, exhale, and feel the energy of the universe.
Tantra for couples is a game that is synchronized with the prelude of making love and during the sexual act. It is a lifestyle dedicated to feed enjoyment of the senses, which always helps to stimulate relationships between couples.
Experts in this technique say that it can help women to be multi-orgasmic, if they have trouble having an orgasm, this will help them reach climax and will give them power to be satisfied women. For men, this will help to increase sexual self-esteem, avoiding problems of premature ejaculation; it will extend sexual activity to be multi-orgasmic.
couple massage in MadridThere are three essential positions that can be practiced as a couple:

  • Bear hug. The couple is completely connected and there are energetic connections with the fingertips from the hip to the back of the neck.
  • The trunk of a tree. The woman is on top of the man and they embrace each other with pendulum movements.
  • Greeting of the Sun and the Moon. You hug your partner and the man leans his head over her womb. The woman will do the same after that. It is a position of reconciliation, protection and respect.

It is important to create a suitable atmosphere for this, surrounding yourselves with warm colors, taking light meals, using aromas and essences, and of course, enjoying soft music in order to flow with rhythm of the evening.

Tantra is a proper technique for everyone. For those with active sex life, for those who have lost it, to reconcile, to discover new feelings with your partner, to mutually reconnect.