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couple massage in Madrid

Couples Massages Madrid

Enjoy the Best Couples Massages in Madrid at AMON Tantra.

“ Tantra emerges from an intimate and deep conversation between Shiva and Devi about the power of universe while making love. This dialogue, known as Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, consists of 112 sutras (essential answers) and represents the Tantra basis. (“Vigyan” means “conscience”; “Bhairav”, “to go beyond”; and “Tantra”, “technique”: Technique which helps to go beyond conscience”).

What is most remarkable is that Shiva does not answer Devi but instructs her through meditation in order to find out The Truth by herself…”

To discover together, to discover with the eyes of love, is one of the greatest divine pleasures. A new way of caressing, touching, feeling…and especially, giving.

Enjoy our couples erotic massages in Madrid!

Amon Tantra & Sensual Care provides several paths to discover the wonderful incandescent sensations within you, with your partner.

The couples massages are a treat to share. Relax together through professional Thai Massage techniques and Tantra Massage. You can choose between a more sensitive and sensual and very erotic massage with two therapists, a massage for two with one masseur or a seminar where you will learn to perform a massage to your partner.

Come discover the couples massage at our erotic massage center in the district of Salamanca, Madrid.

In Amon Tantra & Sensual Care we are experts in Tantric massages for couples, erotic rituals perfect to experience the complicity of eroticism and sexuality, where you will break monotony of your sexuality as a couple. Through the stimulation of the chakras throughout the body you will discover new feelings, and improve your self-esteem and health. Discovering together, discovering with the eyes of love is the highest of divine pleasure; an opportunity to learn how to caress, touch, feel and arouse your partner at the hands of real professionals of eroticism.

Couple Massage Menu in Madrid

duration price
Tantra Brahma Massage. This massage is provided only by one therapist, male or female, as you prefer. You can choose between massage for both of you or just for one and the other stays onlooking. 60′ 190€
Tantra Shiva Massage. Relaxing and sensual couple massage with two therapists. Performed with hands and arms our masseuses will provide you a full massage. 60′ 220€
Tantra Vishnú Massage. The most erotic couple massage we’ve got available. Permormed with two therapists male-female or two girls, a full mutual body to body massage. 60′ 330€
Tantra Devi Workshop. The best option to learn how to provide erotic massage to your couple. 4h 500€
couple massage in Madrid
AMON offers you a couple massage with two therapists, sensual and sensitive, body to body light massage
Tantric Couple Massage in Madrid
This massage is done with a single masseur. Massage for two or one partner as a spectator.
Erotic Couple Massage in Madrid
Performed with two masseuses, boy-girl or two girls is the most erotic couples massage available.
Tantra Couple Workshop in Madrid
The ideal place to learn together to give you the most erotic couples massage.

Where to receive a couple massage?

Come and discover our exquisite massages for couples in our center in Barrio de Salamanca, Madrid. Where you will enjoy this experience in luxurious facilities where each of our rooms has a great atmosphere and is very well decorated, with magnificent futons for couples with a Japanese tatami base wide and comfortable enough so that from the first moment you can feel relaxation and let yourself go within the pleasure of the massage.

Basic rules in couple erotic massages

Hygiene and cleanliness are essential when performing a skin-to-skin massage.
Hands and feet are the tools for therapists! So make sure to clean your mind in order to receive sensorial stimulus.
You should not eat or drink too much before you receive a massage.
Avoid receiving a massage if you have open wounds, fractures, rashes, joints with thrombosis. Or if you have a fever or under cancer treatments.
For those couples who want to receive the massage in the privacy of your hotel. We also have a hotel massage service where our therapists will move to offer our services with major comfort and convenience.

Benefits of erotic couple massages in Madrid

Many couples have difficulties, limitations and conditions that do not allow them to reach pleasure, intimacy and orgasm to its fullest. Another frequent difficulty occurs when one or both suffer from sexual dysfunctions, such anorgasmia (lack of orgasm), problems with the libido, low self-esteem, premature ejaculation, sexual pain, impotence, among many others; as these difficulties prevent harmonious and satisfying sexual intercourse for both.

Conventional treatments are limited and often hard to recover, in addition to this, many of the problems mentioned above affect trust and confidence..

massages for couples in Madrid

Tantric massages are the perfect solution to overcome all these problems, because couples learn the art of touching and use their senses as a tool to achieve greater perception and sensitivity, strengthening the bonds of companionship, love and friendship.

They also develop an extraordinary sensitive and orgasmic ability by toning the sexual muscles, and expanding their ability to experience and hold higher levels of pleasure.

Any person who gets closer to Tantra will immediately receive its benefits, since it is the deepest knowledge that exists about sexual energy, the vital energy. Its correct use is responsible for beauty, youth and attraction between sexes.

Main benefits of Tantric massages

Considerable increase in the knowledge and body intimacy of the couple.
Enhances physiology of Lingam and Yoni, enabling a significant extension of its functions to release pleasure, energy and orgasms.
Significantly increases the time of erection.
Helps healing different sexual dysfunctions, such as lack of libido, premature ejaculation, etc.
Increases the intensity of the pleasure received.
Awakens all sensory potential.
Enhances experiencing multiple and successive orgasms.

Tantric massage for couples brings a lot of advantages for body and mind, because it relieves us from stress, helps us to focus on the present moment that we are living, to forget problems and worries; it cleans our mind by feeling our body light and vibrating, calm and receptive to everything that the massage will bring us.

Tantric massage activates sexual energy, and unlocks emotional and mental causes that inhibit the natural flow of this powerful energy which is the libido. During the massage, hormones such as serotonin and endorphin are released to generate emotional and physical welfare.

Couple erotic massage Madrid

Another advantage of Tantric massage is that it uses techniques that help maintain the concentration and focus on feelings, stimulating the brain so that it can make new synapses that facilitate concentration and focus on other aspects of life.

Recommendations for Couples Massages

We suggest that you choose the proper moment, without hurries or interruptions. With a relaxing atmosphere, dim lights, and no loud music.
It usually starts with your feet, moving towards the back which is curved and smooth, perfectly responding to caresses.
Massage oils tend to be aromatic, with the idea of increasing the effect or relaxing or aphrodisiac.
They are used by the therapist, using the palm of his or her legs, breast and arms, suggesting to never lose contact with the body of the person receiving the massage.
Subsequently, when turning around you can massage the feet and go upward or provide a neck massage. To continue with shoulders and chest, going to the sides and the belly moving towards the legs.
Finally, climax or Nirvana will be reached at will… Going down the inner thighs and legs until the genitals are reached.

Whether the final part includes climax or not, it is an experience that will lead you to a sensory discovery that you will surely want to repeat, whether it is with your partner or each one separately.