Combat Sexual Anorexia

Tantra as a first step against Sexual Anorexia

What is and How can we combat Sexual Anorexia.


When sex-related disorders are mentioned, we tend to think about people suffering from addiction to lovemaking, however, more people suffer just the opposite: sexual abstinence that many times is a consequence of social fear, psychological problems caused by intercourse, etc.


It is known as Sexual Anorexia, which like food anorexia, has a deeper origin.


The lack of sex can make someone feel more powerful and protected from threats, it is not only the lack of sexual desire, but trying to avoid contact with people in all possible ways.


In some cases, this is revealed showing preference for people who are not within reach and they know there will never be able to have a relationship.


how to combat sexual anorexia


This causes to carry out different strategies that aim to maintain sex away from their lives. Sexual anorexics are usually isolated, watch pornography (since they do not lack desire), often have a fantasy life and other addictions such as alcohol, food, tobacco, etc.


Sexual anorexia also happens in a long-lasting relationship, avoiding displays of affection, avoiding nocturnal company with your partner, sleeping in different beds.


It is not an easy problem to solve without professional help, and sometimes massages can be the first step to solve it.


This way, it starts by accepting touch with other people, as long as it is done in a delicate way, gradually and increasing intensity as you advance. We will then make the person suffering this disorder feel better.


In our Massages Menu, you could find the most sensitive and relaxing massages, or more exciting and erotic through body to body techniques… Those ones will definitely help you to avoid Sexual Anorexia and recover you self-confidence.

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