The best massage for men

Those massages that you can’t resist.

In Amon Tantra and Sensual Care we would like to recommend the best massage for men, one to release tensions accumulated from day to day stress, one to experiment new and pleasurable sensations, a massage performed by one of our experienced staff members, a massage you deserve and should try.


Each massage is different, but incredible. Which one would you like to try?


  • Nuad Thai Massage, this is the traditional Thai massage by excellency. It is a medicinal and therapeutical massage, massaging the entire body from head to toe, by means of applying pressure and manipulating locked articulations. It is an intense massage, but it does not cause pain or discomfort. It is more of a soothing massage, heartwarming and liberating, helping to feel renovated and literally as if on a cloud. It contains no erotic content. 


  • Tantra Heaven Massage. Our body to body, interactive massage is the most intense massage we have to offer. Massaging the entire body, starting with a relaxing massage by means of applying pressure, to then increment the intensity of the massage, stimulating the erogenous, areas using elaborated techniques with the body, causing a pleasurable sensation and bonding with your masseuse.


Different from our other erotic massages, in our Tantra Heaven Massage, that so desired genital massage is performed twice, once at the beginning and a second at the end.


Best Massage for Men in Madrid


Best Massage for Men in Madrid

This way you can enjoy these great sensations right from the start, to then receive a relaxing full body massage, concentrating on the muscles, and finish off with a more intense and longer lasting climax.


  • Tantra Fetiche Massage. The unseen in erotic massages. It is a very special massage, exclusive to our center. It is a massage indicated to all of those who are outgoing and bold, for those who are really looking for a thrill in this world of massage. After a great body to body massage from one of our masseuses while laying down, you will be able to experiment one of the best endings possible,while the masseuse performs the most elegant and amazing areal body to body massage.


  • Lingam Massage. This massage is one of the most asked for by men, due to its elevated sexual arousal, a massage that all Tantra lovers should experiment. The lingam massage is a massage that focuses on the male sexual organ.The main goal in this massage is neither an orgasm or eyaculation, but the exploration of a new way to find pleasure and not be conditioned by traditional factors, such as, to reach that moment of climax. The LINGAM massage is the Best Massage for Men included in all of our tantric massages.


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