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Amon Tantra & Sensual Care Erotic Massages Madrid

Amon Tantra Massage & Sensual Care

Amon Tantra & Sensual Care team is the result of training, enthusiasm and experience in the wide world of massages, from years of confidence in the joys of pleasure, a reflex action, the desire to share and to expand…

Amon Tantra & Sensual Care is an exclusive erotic massage center inspired by the tradition of Eastern cultures. It is located in a luxurious area of central Madrid where you will enjoy maximum comfort and intimacy with our exquisite facilities, as well as an ideal atmosphere for that special moment with music and aromas during the massage, always using high-quality futons and comfort that will take you out of this world.

Amon Tantra & Sensual Care is a professional space, where knowledge and good taste are found within the tradition of a delicate massage. You will find a wide selection of delicious high-quality erotic massages, all especially designed to surprise and delight you with sensuality.

Our curvy female therapists and attractive male therapists are gifted with extensive experience and training on the techniques and materials used for every massage. For us, erotic massage is an art that we have mastered, and we love entertainment, as well as to ensure that all our customers enjoy the intense feelings and pleasures offered by our erotic massage.

Our biggest commitment is to offer unique feelings through our quality massages, to awaken all your senses and to bring relaxing experiences… unforgettable and pleasant experiences!

A real gift for your body and mind..

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