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Tantric and erotic massage Madrid

Welcome to AMON Tantra & Sensual Care. A unique place where you can enjoy the real art of erotic massage in Madrid.

All Tantric Massages we offer are unique. They have been carefully designed by experts in Oriental Massage combining with the sweetness and sensuality of Tantra.

During the massage the body is worked holistically, also providing Lingam Massage in man or Yoni Massage in woman. No kind of explicit sexual practice is done.

You can enjoy any Erotic Massage in Madrid with one of our beautiful female masseuses or a male masseur. Massages are suitable for men and women of any orientation or sexual identity legal age.

These massages open and raise our sexuality and often give us a better understanding of ourselves.

Come to discover your body and put yourself in the hands of the best professionals erotic massages Madrid.

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Relaxing & Sensual Massages for all your Senses

erotic massages madrid tantra massage center
Discover our Erotic Massage Menu of single Tantric Massages.
You will find Relaxing Massages, Sensual Massages, Body to Body Massages, Mutual Massages and special spicy massages with Erotic Toys.
What is your ideal massage? You deserve to try this Pleasure Without Sin at least once in life..
You’ve got Express Massages of 30′ and Erotic Massages for 1 hour long or 90 minutes.
couples massages in Madrid Center
Discover our Couple Massages at AMON Tantra.
A unique experience of love to share together in Madrid.
Massages with one or two therapists, you can choose between an incredible Male Masseur and the prettiest Female Masseuses.
After the massage treatment, you can relax for 20-30 minutes at our massage room on your privacy.
Recover the passion with your partner with the best Tantra Couple Massage.
hotel massages madrid outcall massage
For those who prefer massage in their hotel room, we also offer Outcall Massages or Hotel Massage.
Erotic Hotel Massages are available from 10 am to 2 am, always booking 1 hour in advance before midnight.
Choose your Masseuse, send us you full Name, Room Number and Hotel.
Now you can relax to enjoy the most Sensual Massage.
masseuses madrid erotic massages
Choose your ideal Masseuse through their 100% real profiles and pictures.
Professional Tantra Therapists that will give you the massage you are looking for.
Our team consists of Massage Experts receiving continuos education to bring you the best Oriental Massage Techniques and Thai Body to Body Massage.
Take off your shyness and be seduced by their hands and bodies on yours.

Tantra erotic massage center Madrid

The Art of Pleasure & Tantra Massage in Madrid

Massage Room Paris in Madrid
AMON Tantra & Sensual Care has 4 Massage Rooms in Madrid.
Luxury Massage Rooms carefully designed for utmost discretion and comfort.
All rooms are provided with Tatamis and Oriental Massage Futons.
Erotic Massage Videos in Madrid AMON Tantra
Watch step by step how is a Tantra Massage through our Tantric & Erotic Massage Videos by AMON Tantra.
Find videos about Massages for Men and Couple Massages, Women Massage Videos or Gay Massage Videos.
Enjoy them!
Erotic Massage Blog AMON Tantra Madrid
You are welcome to read our Blog about Massages in Madrid AMON Tantra.
Interesantes quality Articles written by our Sexologist expert in Alternative Therapies.
You will find relevant information about Massages, Sexuality, Tantra, Couples, and much more!
Massages Madrid AMON Tantra Contact
For more detailed information about our Massages in Madrid or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.
We provide several ways to make a Direct Booking at our Center:
Contact Form, E-mail, Phone, SMS o WhatsApp.

Erotic massages Madrid for men, women and couples

Erotic sensual massage for men, women and couples

erotic massages for men in Madrid
Enjoy the best erotic massages for men in Madrid.
At Amon Tantra, we know exactly how to perform a good erotic massage to a man.
Our masseuses will provide you the most sensual massage just the way you desire it.
Feel the pleasure of a true Tantra experience. Check out our massage deals in Madrid.
erotic massages for women in Madrid
Discover our female tantra massages, a high experience for a woman like you.
In a delicate and sensual way… but also intense and erotic, we know exactly how to treat a woman.
Enjoy an incredible massage where you are the star every single moment.
erotic gay massage in Madrid
Dare to feel how it is a body to body massage with another man.
There are many men curious about to experience a male to male massage, no matter which sexual orientation they are.
If you want to try a tantric experience with another man, you are in the best hands. Book a gay massage in Madrid.
erotic lesbian massage in Madrid
Many women prefer a first tantra massage with another woman.
Our masseuses know perfectly female’s body and the most erogenous spots…
Enjoy in Amon Tantra the best lesbian massage in Madrid and feel the Tantra energy.


Welcome to AMON Tantra & Sensual Care. A unique place where you will enjoy the art of erotic massages Madrid.

What is an erotic massage?

The erotic massage is defined as a relaxing and sensual massage given throughout the body, including the genital area; it seeks pleasure, self-discovery of our own erogenous areas, and of our own sexuality. The erotic massage is an alternative to increase passion and improve sex life as a couple. It is a wonderful way of intimate communication that opens new perspectives to a satisfying sex life and that helps us find our own truth, to meditate and bring more awareness to our unconsciousness. The beauty and deepness of our massages cannot be locked in one single label because the go far beyond a simple erotic massage; it is a mystical alchemy of two souls founds to mutually nourish, the perfect existence of consciousness and energy.

It is a massage that has been and still is very necessary in today’s society where unfortunately there is a lot of sexual repression, a lot of ignorance, many fears and false beliefs about human sexuality, where sex education is very low and where the psycho-emotional and affective deficiencies of most people make them unable to explore and live a healthy, satisfying, full and natural sexuality. Therefore, there are people who for different circumstances need to experience this more physical facet of sexuality, who still need to experience their desires, their fantasies and free themselves from false beliefs, fears, shame and taboos.

What makes our erotic massages to be different?

All Tantric Massages we offer are unique in their variety. They have been carefully designed by massage experts combining Oriental Massages with the greatest sweetness and sensuality of Tantra.

Our erotic massages Madrid allow your body to feel a pleasant contact that provides general well-being, increase desire, stimulate the erogenous areas and give creativity during intercourse.

During an erotic sensual massage they work on the body in an integral way, also performing the Lingam Massage in men (massage performed in the male genital area where sex chakra is located) or Yoni Massage (a massage performed in the female genital area which seeks to achieve personal growth through pleasure). No explicit type of sexual practice is performed.

What are the benefits of Tantric Massages?

Tantric erotic massage, in addition to their relaxing, soothing and healing virtues, represents an excellent way to arouse sexual desire. Their benefits are not limited to this, by stimulating the inherent sensual spirituality with a Tantric massage, we can awaken parts of ourselves that have remained repressed or asleep. So there are many improvements obtained from this millenary technique.

The benefits could be classified:

  • On a physical level. For the treatment of diseases and blockages related to the second chakra, such as:  premature ejaculation, impotence, lack of libido, absence of orgasm, painful menstruations…
  • On an emotional level. To heal problems such as: trauma from the past, doubts about sexual identity, recovering or increasing passion and enthusiasm for life.
  • Sexual mastery. Whether or not you have problems at this level you can learn sexual mastery and relationships as you can get to know human sexuality with much more deepness.
  • Individual benefits. There are many improvements that each person may acquire thanks to Tantric massages because you can achieve more energy, health and vitality as well as self-esteem and a bigger feeling of personal value, healing of emotional wounds and psychic blockages, a great inner harmony, improving affective relationships and also an increase of sexual potency.
  • Benefits for life as a couple. Many people turn to Tantra to improve their relationship as a couple as Tantric massages provide a large number of benefits, such as increasing intimacy, complicity and trust between couples; they help heal the relationship because it gives better emotional understanding in the couple, it increases the ability to enjoy as a couple; women become more active and it increases erotic and sexual potential in men. In short, it is certainly a great contribution for healthy, positive sexuality, rich, powerful and healing.

You deserve to try an experience like this!

In summary, the practice of the massages offered to our clients in Amon Tantra & Sensual Care help in self-esteem, the ability to love, the development of personal power, the awakening of the psychic senses and the improvement of their personal life in all their aspects.

For all this we consider it a most effective magical way or personal improvement to follow, the most powerful and transforming tool that can make us change quickly.

You will be able to enjoy any of the erotic massages in Madrid with one of our beautiful female therapists or with a male therapist. The massages are suitable for men and women overage with any sexual orientation. Our therapists in Amon Tantra & Sensual Care focus on providing pure pleasure in a sensual way, using different massage techniques to strengthen and reach sexual arousal, creating a sensual and relaxing atmosphere. Tantra massages open and raise our conscious sexuality that many times gives us major knowledge of ourselves.

Amon Tantra & Sensual Care is a center of reference in terms of erotic massage in Madrid. Our exquisite and elegant facilities are decorated to the minimum detail to offer our clients maximum intimacy, comfort and relaxation, designed to make your stay the most pleasant and unforgettable experience where our peculiar aromas, light, exotic decoration and relaxing music make all our clients experience a new universe of feelings both on physically and spiritually.

Come to discover your body with us and put yourself in the hands of the best professionals in massages in Madrid.